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Envelop Yourself in the Taste of BistroMD’s Chicken and Mushroom Crepe

BistroMD's chicken and mushroom crepe takes breakfast to a gourmet level!

Envelop Yourself in the Taste of BistroMD’s Chicken and Mushroom Crepe

Forget the typical breakfast of bacon and eggs, and envelop yourself in a delicious morning sensation: BistroMD’s chicken and mushroom crepe!

Crepes are a staple in French cuisine, and have been so for centuries. In French culture, not only are crepes delicious, but they are considered to be an art in gourmet cooking.

In 1895, a young man named Henri Charpentier went to work for the famous Café de Paris with his uncle. Henri lived in a time where the crepe was considered to be more of a dessert entrée than anything else, and it was a popular dish among royalty and high-class society.

While Henri was working one evening, the Prince of Wales dined at the famous French café. After a filling meal, the prince requested a crepe for dessert for him and his guest, a beautiful young woman named Suzette. Chosen to prepare the dish, Henri prepared a decadent crepe with an orange flambé, and nicknamed the crepe “Suzette” in honor of the prince’s lovely guest. From then on, the crepe has been recreated time and time again, and has evolved from its original status as just a dessert.

For a healthy breakfast dish that is French inspired but prepared by BistroMD’s expert chefs, our chicken and mushroom crepe will get your day started right.

For our one-of-a-kind crepe recipe, our chefs take the most tender cuts of grilled chicken breast and blend with a savory side of delicious mushrooms.

Once the chicken has been prepared to perfection, it is finished with a touch of uncured bacon, and folded into a delicate French crepe with a light béchamel sauce.

After the crepe is folded into a perfect combination of chicken and mushroom flavors, our chefs serve this plated perfection with a colorful and roasted blend of roasted zucchini and sweet potato hash.