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Delicious Strawberry Facts, Tips and Recipes

From strawberry interesting facts to information regarding tips and recipes, learn more about what makes strawberries so berry appealing beyond their sweet succulence!

Delicious Strawberry Facts, Tips and Recipes

Fun Facts About Strawberries

Deliciously sweet and subtly tart, strawberries have been and continue to be a seasonal favorite. And while there is no denying the fruit is a summertime staple, did you know strawberries…

…were once believed to have medicinal powers? Ancient Romans used the berry to treat a number of physical and mental ailments, including depression, fever, kidney stones, and digestive issues. And not to mention, the berry was used as a symbol for Venus (aka the Goddess of Love) thanks to its heart shape and red color.

…are the first fruit to ripen each spring? And they sure are loved, as 94 percent of U.S. households consume strawberries. The USDA further reports the annual per capita consumption of fresh and frozen strawberries is 4.85 pounds, with Americans consuming almost eight pounds of them in the year 2013! Additionally, 53 percent of seven to nine year olds picked strawberries as their favorite fruit.

…goes by the scientific name of Fragaria x ananassa and are members of the Rosaceae (Rose) family? So if you stumble upon them while growing, stop and smell the roses!

…glory the fields of California? The Golden State grows about one billion pounds of the strawberries per year! But beyond Cali, strawberries are grown in every state in the United States and every province of Canada.

…contain an average of 200 seeds? Oh, and they are the only fruit to wear their seeds on the surface! But speaking of seeds, strawberries are not true berries, as berries technically have seeds within their interior.

…contain a mere 55 calories per cup but are bursting with nutrients such as fiber, vitamin C, folic acid, and potassium?

…may stave off cancer? Strawberries are high in the chemicals anthocyanins and ellagic acid, with studies showing consuming berries that contain these may have potential to prevent against cancer, along with inflammation and premature aging.

…can benefit the cardiovascular system? The potassium content in strawberries can help control heart rate and blood pressure, while the fiber it contains can improve cholesterol levels.

…have their own devoted museum? Strawberry season is such a big deal in Belgium, they have dedicated a museum to them! Musée de la Fraise, or "Strawberry Museum," tells the history of strawberry growing and production in the region, explains its importance to the economy and culture of Wépion, and boasts a small shop of strawberry products, including jams, candies, and liqueurs and beers.

Strawberry Tips and Recipes

• While Cali is the top grower in the U.S., did you know you can grow your own? Use these for tips for growing strawberries, including when and where to plant and how to deter from mold and pests.

• There is no denying the first fruit to ripen each spring is beneficial and appealing but unfortunately, they do not last berry long in the refrigerator. So next time you buy strawberries, keep them lasting longer by mixing 1-part vinegar with 10 parts water. Soak your strawberries for about two minutes in the mixture and then drain. But wait to wash and cut if you do not plan to use the berries right away, as rinsing speeds up the spoiling process.

• Overripe strawberries? Here are five delicious ways to use them, including a strawberry butter or jam for your next stack of pancakes or PB & J!

• But if you do not foresee using the strawberries before they go bad, freeze them. Frozen strawberries are useful in smoothies, this frozen yogurt recipe, or these 10 wonderful ways to use them.

• Shake up your salsa repertoire by using fresh strawberries in place of tomatoes! This balsamic strawberry salsa recipe is simple, sweet, and a berry refreshing dip option on those warm summer days.

• Sip on the taste of sweet summertime with this guilt-free frozen strawberry margarita or refreshing strawberry sangria!

• And speaking of summer… This strawberry gelato recipe is guilt-free, positively sinful, easy-to-make, and contains up to 65 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin C!

• Fan of strawberries but not a fan of cooking? Thanks to bistroMD, you can have a deliciously, ready-prepared strawberry recipe for breakfast that ensures nutritional needs are being met! BistroMD’s peanut butter crepe with strawberry compote entrees are especially unique, as the crepes are filled with ricotta, Neufchatel cream cheese and peanut butter, along with being paired with a sweet strawberry compote and served with turkey sausage. Visit the bistroMD official page here or call 866-401-3438 to find out how you can get your hands on this mouthwatering breakfast!