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Which Is Better: Morning Showers vs. Showering at Night

There are two types of people in the world: those early birds and the others who are night owls. And while "the early bird catches the worm" (and the workout) has shown to have great health benefits, those night owls may actually have a wing up when it comes to their nightly shower and sleep quality.

Which Is Better: Morning Showers vs. Showering at Night

Morning vs. Night Shower

There really is not much to explain when it comes to the disparity between morning and nightly showers, despite the time period of stepping into the tub. But science has recently stepped in to attest the morning vs. night shower debacle and while the answer is not necessarily direct, evidence leans more towards nightly showers for sleep improvement. And considering the benefits of a good night's rest has on both mental and physical health, night showers may be in your best interest, particularly if suffering from insomnia. Researchers do mention, though, showering at least an hour and a half before bed to allow the body's core temperature to regulate, as overheating upon bedtime may hinder the natural cooling effects leading up to bedtime. In fact, several studies imply warming up the body and offering it a chance to cool helps induce proper sleep cycles. However, the choice of showering in the morning or nighttime hours primarily comes down to personal factors and choices. Additional benefits of nightly showers include...

...an improved morning routine.
Whether related to a hectic morning or the desire to bask in a calmer morning, taking a morning shower can be one less task on that morning to-do list. That extra time can be delegated to a longer night's rest, relaxed coffee break, or morning meditation session!

...clean(er) sheets.
Throughout the day, you encounter a lot of germs, both good and bad. If avid about keeping those sheets clean, taking those germs to bed with you may be hindering your cleaning efforts. Going to bed with clean skin can also reduce the frequency and volume of laundry loads.

...workouts in the evening.
Sometimes getting up and conquering a workout is out of the daily equation. If workouts occur in the later parts of the day, taking a nightly shower may be justified. Not to mention keeping your sheets clean as described above...

Conversely, you may benefit most from a morning shower if you...

...need a morning jolt.
Aside from that cup of joe, a.m. showers may help kick start the day and offer a morning jolt, which may be appropriate for those anticipated, high-productive days. And while it may seem undesirable, switching over to cold water nearing the end of the shower may increase alertness throughout the day's entirety.

...manage oily skin.
Since the skin can buildup oils overnight, saving for a morning shower can help clear the pores and offer a cleaner surface. However, washing your face before bed can also help reduce transferred dirt and oil onto clean pillows.

...workout in the morning.
A proceeding shower may be appropriate if you workout in the morning hours, especially if heading to work shortly offer. That morning working and shower is a double whammy for morning energy!

Beyond Showers...

New British research looks beyond showers and discusses the exciting new data regarding hot baths. In fact, a 30-minute long soak in the tub may just burn calories equivalent to a 30-minute walk. The results are mostly related to the passive heating mechanism within the body, which has shown to be comparable or even greater than the effects of exercise. While reducing calories is important in the weight loss equation, diet and exercise should not be poured down the drain!