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The Best Approach to Bikini Season

Bikini season can be stressful. Allow bistroMD to make your meals and control your diet plan so you can look and feel your best.

The Best Approach to Bikini Season

“The itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka-dot bikini…”

We have all heard this before! At around this time every year, the media is always buzzing with bikini weight-loss plans that can get you in shape for the summer so you can have a fantastic beach bod. Unfortunately, many of these media outlets run advertisements on unhealthy diet supplements and pills that can guarantee you will lose weight in a matter of weeks. Bikini season is here, which means that the pressure is on for you to lose weight for that two-piece swimming suit that you have just been dying to put on. Crash dieting is not the answer, and neither are diet plans that starve your body of essential proteins and nutrients. The BistroMD plan can help you lose weight for the summer, without sacrificing your nutritional needs and physical well-being.

Start Summer the Healthy Way

It’s the start of a new summer which means that the pressure is on for you to lose weight. Crash dieting is not a healthy answer to your summer weight loss problems. Doing so starves your body of essential nutrients because you force yourself to either go on a strictly liquid diet or ignoring fat and protein all together. These diets hinder your weight loss, it doesn’t help it.

When you go on a crash diet or a fasting diet, your metabolism isn’t getting the proper boost it needs. When you eat foods that contain things like leaner quality protein and quality carbohydrates, your metabolism is sped up and can therefore help you lose weight. Vegetables that contain fiber can give you a satisfied feeling of being full while providing you with quality nutrition. Fiber is also great at curbing your food cravings, so you won’t feel the need to eat as much during the day. The meals for BistroMD contain all of these ingredients, which can help you start your summer on a healthy foot.

Avoid the Summer Staples

Most of the time, when we have a personal goal to achieve, many of us tend to freak out. Candy, cookies, potato chips, hot dogs and hamburgers are food staples in our culture when it comes to summer eating. These foods are also known for giving us a shoulder to cry on when it comes to being stressed out. Many times, when people start a diet program, the stresscauses th is often too much for them to handle, which causes them to crack under the pressure.

Junk food can be our friend, but it can also be a ruthless enemy. In a culture that is obsessed by food, it is often hard to ignore that bag of chocolate chip cookies or vanilla-frosted cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles tempting you on every grocery store aisle.

With BistroMD, we do all of the summer shopping for you so that you don’t have to. We also do all of the planning. With a diet schedule set up to follow your nutritional needs, we take the worry out of dieting, and take away the temptation to over eat. With tasty snacks that can also be incorporated into your meal program, your summer snacking can be guilt-free and beneficial in preparation for another bikini season.