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How to Look Good: Ways to Love the Skin You Are In

Even if you are unhappy now with how you look, there are plenty of ways to increase your confidence and improve your overall health.

How to Look Good: Ways to Love the Skin You Are In

On your path to a healthier you, it’s always good to take a step back and appreciate what you have accomplished. The first thing you should do is learn to love the skin you are in.

Even if you haven’t reached the end of your weight loss journey, it’s important you teach yourself how to look good, so you can keep yourself motivated and maintain a positive self-image.

Change Your Perception. Pick Up a History Book

It’s a sad fact, but over half of the people in America are unhappy with the way that they look.

Why is this?

Mostly because we are taught at a young age that physical beauty is the only thing that matters.

Many cultures have different perceptions of beauty that are more than just skin deep.

To feel better about the way you look, do your research. Take a glimpse back into history, and see how other cultures have depicted images of true beauty through paintings and sculptures.

In fact, many ancient sculptures and paintings depict goddesses as fuller-figured women, with strong characters and heightened sensuality.

When it comes to how to look good, taking a trip through a history book may be just the thing you need to boost your motivation, and to broaden your sense of beauty.

Tell Yourself to Be Quiet. Silence Your Inner Critic.

Unfortunately, when it comes to “how to look good” we tend to think the “how” is impossible when we look in the mirror. We then tell ourselves we will never “look good” because there are too many things wrong with how we look now.

The best thing to do is to silence your inner-critic. There are things that we all like about ourselves, despite how we feel; those characteristics just need to be brought to light.

The better you feel about yourself at the beginning of your journey, the more fantastic you will feel when you finally accomplish your goals.

That’s why it’s important to focus on the good things, rather than always listening to your inner critic.

Think More About Function. Think Less about Looks.

Instead of just solely focusing on “how to look good” it’s more important to also focus on how you want to function.

Studies have shown that when women exercise in combination with a healthy diet, they feel much better about their image, and have less anxiety.

Rather than focusing on losing weight for looks, it’s also important to focus on how much better you will feel physically.

By exercising and engaging in activities like weight lifting, you will feel much better about the way you look, and will have much more energy at the end of the day.

Work with What You’ve Got. Don’t Throw Away Those Clothes

One big mistake that most of us make when it comes to looking good is throwing away those larger-sized clothes, and opting for a shopping spree for much smaller sizes.

What most women fail to realize is that when we try to squeeze into those smaller clothes, we make ourselves more discouraged because they tend to show off the areas that are least flattering. Especially if we haven’t quite reached our long-term goals.

Instead of throwing those larger clothes away, hang on to them and work with what you have. Take some of your larger shirts, and think of different ways to shape them to your new image and mentality.

One tip: Throw a fun, chunky belt around your mid-section. Your waist will appear smaller, but your shirt will still look flattering to your current figure.

Treat Your Body with Care. Feel Better About Your Self-Image.

It’s definitely safe to say that the more care we show toward certain things, the longer they will last. This same concept can be applied to looking good, and to treating your body with care.

Like we mentioned before, instead of putting the focus on your physical appearance, it’s important that you put focus on how you want to function.

Feed your body healthy, balanced meals, exercise daily, and make sure that you get plenty of rest. The more care you show toward your body, the more it will make you appreciate your self, especially once you reach your weight loss goals.