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Britney Spears Diet: No Room for “Oops” in This Superstar’s Plan

A Britney Spears diet means cutting down on calories, and dancing your way to a toned physique. Read how Britney Spears maintains her figure by practicing some of the same diet techniques, promoted by bistroMD.

Britney Spears Diet: No Room for “Oops” in This Superstar’s Plan

Britney Spears diet is fit for a pop superstar. With an effective workout plan and a diet that consists of smaller, well-balanced meals, this celebrity knows how to stay in shape, while maintaining a curvy figure.

Britney Spears Diet: It's About Limiting Calories

Britney Spears diet is restricted to 1,500 calories per day, with an emphasis on foods that contain lean protein combined with a serving of high-fiber vegetables.

For breakfast, Britney Spears usually prefers a good start to her mornings before her rigorous workout. For her diet, the singer starts her day with either an egg-white omelet, or a bowl of oatmeal, served with fruit and a side of whole wheat toast.

At lunch time, a Britney Spears diet consists of yummy salads topped with a portion of lean protein, like chicken or salmon. Served, usually on top of a mix of baby greens, the star prefers water as her drink of choice, or a real-fruit power smoothie.

For dinner, the diva sits down with a plated meal, usually consisting of lean, grilled chicken or pork with a side of steamed mixed vegetables.

To help curb her cravings for all things sweet, Britney Spears diet consists of frequent, high-protein snacks. Soy chips is one of the superstar’s favorites, as well as a cup of low-fat yogurt with fruit and granola. The star also reportedly snacks on walnuts and almonds from time to time.

A Celebrity Workout

To maintain a healthy diet and toned figure, Britney Spears participates in an exercise program that utilizes both her strengths as a dancer, and her flexibility.

Working with her own personal trainer, Britney developed a workout routine that helped her get back in shape after the birth of her two children, and before one of her biggest summer tours.

In conjunction with her Britney Spears diet, the famous pop superstar started a rigorous personal training regimen that involved intense bouts of cardiovascular exercise, combined with a daily series of strength-training techniques.

Other than utilizing pull-ups, crunches, and light weight-lifting, Britney Spears also did what she does best: dance.

Many of Britney Spears dance routines center around hip-hop movements, which can be great moves to do when trying to tone core muscles, like your abs.

For five days out of the week, along with a healthy diet, the pop star worked out for at least 2 hours every day, practicing both strength-training exercises and her own choreography.

Not only do these moves tone the pop star’s frame, but they are also a good way for you to develop a better mood.

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