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15+ Foods to Eat & Rethink On Your Wedding Day

Weddings are meant to be enjoyed, and the last thing you want to do is think about a wedding day diet. We have you covered with foods to enjoy and rethink before walking down the aisle.

15+ Foods to Eat & Rethink On Your Wedding Day

The words "wedding diet" might be enough to send any bride into a tizzy. However, when it comes to wedding day food, wedding day snacks, and foods to avoid before the wedding or on your wedding day, there is no reason for pre-wedding jitters. 

From non-bloating breakfast tips to light food to eat to pre-wedding diet tips for the groom and bride, this article has it all. Read on for foods to enjoy and foods to avoid on the day of the wedding. 

Wedding Day Food Overview

It's important for brides not to use the wedding day as an excuse to take shortcuts. Healthy diet choices can avoid wedding day bloat while also providing the energy necessary to get through the wedding day. 

Ultimately, experts advise gentle measures, such as lowering salt intake and trying to eat quality carbohydrates instead of refined grains. The great thing about these healthy tips is they can last beyond the wedding and into a healthy marriage, too! 

What to Enjoy Before or On Wedding Day

On wedding day, worries about food can be left behind! Incorporate these four foods into the wedding plan beforehand and long-term healthy meals.

1. Omega-3 Rich "Healthy" Fat Foods

Omega-3 nutrients are great for avoiding the wedding day bloat. In general, they keep bowel movements regular, which brides count on for their busy wedding day. Foods with omega-3 fatty acids include: 

• Nuts
• Seeds
• Avocado

2. Lean Protein

Lean protein helps keep appetite in check, promotes a feeling of fullness, and encourages muscle growth. Popular lean protein options include:

• Beans (if known to be tolerated without gas)
• Brown rice
• Canned tuna (in water, low sodium)
• Chickpeas
• Corn
• Eggs
• Grilled chicken
• Hummus
• Lentils
• Millet
• Peas
• Tempeh
• Tofu

3. Quality Carbohydrates

Refined grains can cause unnecessary bloating. Instead, choose one of the following options that provide lots of vitamins and minerals: 

• Ancient grains
• Fruits
• Oats 
• Quinoa
• Rice 
• Sweet potatoes
• Vegetables

4. Pre- & Probiotic Foods

Physical, mental, and gut health are all tied together, and pre- and probiotic foods are key to keeping things balanced before, and on, the wedding day. Add some of these food ultra-healthy foods to your wedding day diet:

• Yogurt (Greek yogurt for added protein)
• Kefir
• Kimchi
• Sauerkraut
• Misos
• Tempeh
• Cultured non-dairy yogurts 
• Aged cheeses
• Kombucha
• Raw fruits & vegetables (i.e. artichokes, bananas, onions, garlic) 
• Whole grains
• Soybeans 
• Fermented pickles 
• Dairy products

Talk to a qualified healthcare practitioner, such as a dietitian, a month or two before the wedding about setting up a supplement schedule or diet plan that includes probiotics.

Foods to Avoid Before the Wedding 

A breakfast full of saturated fat, salt, refined grains, and pastries may not be the best for the big day. Wedding festivities thrive when a balanced diet is prioritized. Try avoiding these worrisome foods when it comes to the wedding. 

1. Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation can surface in the skin, so it is best to avoid inflammatory foods a few months before the wedding festivities begin. Refined sugar and refined carbohydrates are the worst offenders. 

Instead, choose fresh fruits and vegetables when possible for a nutrient-rich, well-balanced diet leading up to the big day. 

2. New Foods

A wedding isn't necessarily a time to be adventurous with food - save that for the honeymoon trip! Especially for those with a sensitive stomach, the week or day of the wedding is not a great time to try something new. 

An allergic reaction or unpleasant symptom could result, so steer clear of first-time foods for at least a week before the wedding.

3. High Salt Foods

Foods high in salt can cause the body to retain more water, also known as water retention. Ultimately, this can lead to feeling bloated and be uncomfortable to deal with on the big day. 

High-salt foods also tend to be high in unhealthy, greasy fats which may make one feel full without actually offering any real nourishment. 

4. Spicy Foods

That spicy Mexican food you grabbed with your friends that flew in for the big day may have tasted good at the moment. However, it may aggravate heartburn and cause discomfort.

5. Beans

And those beans you decided to add to your spicy tacos at Mexican night? Well, you can probably guess how this story unfolds... 

It goes without saying beans are notoriously known for their high fiber content, so go for leaner (and non-gas-forming) proteins such as fish and chicken.

6. Cruciferous Veggies

Speaking of gas... Although veggies are generally not placed in the "avoid" category, cruciferous veggies before the big day are a slightly different tale. 

Cruciferous veggies, such as broccoli and cauliflower, may cause bloating and gas, so consider switching to water-rich vegetables like celery, cucumber, and asparagus before the wedding. Their diuretic properties can keep water weight at bay, along with hydrating the skin for added glow and radiance.

7. Pastries

Rethink that blueberry muffin you quickly grabbed at the gas station this morning... Hefty doses of carbs and sugar can cause blood sugars to spike, which can interestingly heighten more sugar cravings and negatively affect energy levels.

8. Staining Foods

When excited to show off that wedding dress, the last thing you want to do is spill something on it! Be cautious of foods that might color or stain the dress, including the juice from berries and dark sauces.

9. Garlic and Onion

From kissing your new spouse to mingling with all your guests, the last thing you want to gift is garlic and onion breath... Even with the save of mouthwash or a piece of gum, the smell of garlic can actually resurface through the bloodstream. Nonetheless, save your breath by avoiding those pungent food odors altogether.

10. Coffee

Although drinking a cup of joe may keep your energy tank full, it may just end up leaving you jittery, anxious, and dehydrated for your big wedding day. If you are to drink coffee, go for a cup or two in the morning then switch to water.

11. Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks can lead to uncomfortable gas. Also since they are loaded with sugar, their limitation is encouraged across the board. 

And even with its healthful connotation, you may be wondering "Does diet soda make you bloated?" Well, diet soda is no exception to the rule and may cause the greatest bloat related to its carbonation and use of artificial sweeteners.

12. Sugar-Free Anything

Along with avoiding diet soda, skip out on sugar-free anything. Artificial sweeteners in gums, candies, and cookies are difficult for the body to break down. This can cause subsequently increase the odds of uncomfortable bloating and indigestion. 

If tempted with sugar-free gum or other products, go for a naturally-sweetened or refreshing option, including frozen grapes or mint tea.

13. Alcohol

Whether to take the "edge off" during a stressful time or kick off the celebration, alcohol is generally flowering. However, it may cause dehydration and an unpleasant hangover. 

While it is certainly okay to cheers, try doing so in moderation. Overall, aim to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. 

Recapping the Wedding Day Diet

Wedding day diets should not involve any crazy, last-minute hacks. Instead, long-term healthy habits and tips are some of the best pieces of advice for the big day. 

In general, it is a good idea to avoid inflammatory, bloat-producing foods and those that may stain. Instead eat gut-healthy, nutrient-rich raw foods when possible as an effort to look and feel your best!


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