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12 Rotisserie Recipes to Make in a Pinch

Know that rotisserie chicken you grabbed from the grocery store is healthy and quick - and using the chicken at home can be absolutely delicious with these 12 recipes!

12 Rotisserie Recipes to Make in a Pinch

Is rotisserie chicken healthy? It definitely can be! According to dietitians and experts, rotisserie chicken is a versatile option, especially for busy people and families on the go. 

If you are wondering what to do with a rotisserie chicken, look no further. The top leftover rotisserie chicken recipes await! 

Not only are these recipes delicious, but they are also quick options for busy weeknight dinners. Read on to find seven healthy recipes using rotisserie chicken - one for each day of the week (and then some)!

Top 12 Rotisserie Chicken Recipes

To make rotisserie chicken healthier and more budget-friendly, check out the following recipes. Each one adds a punch of protein to the meal to help you stay full for longer.

1. Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is a great option for leftover chicken. Usually full of carbohydrates, adding chicken to mac and cheese makes for a more protein-filled dish that will keep you full for longer. 

Keep in mind that the spices used on the chicken can really kick the mac and cheese up a notch (or a few)!

2. One-Pan or One-Pot Meals 

Using leftover chicken in a sheet pan or stir fry meal is also a great option. Often, chicken can elevate the meal from being just vegetables to something a little more special.

You can also throw it in your favorite penne or alfredo dish to give that classic comfort food some extra "oomph."

3. Chicken Zucchini Noodle Salad

Zucchini noodles, also known as "zoodles," are a great low-carb option to add more veggies to your day. And this zucchini noodle salad recipe is light, refreshing, and served best with a sweet and savory almond butter soy garlic dressing.

The zoodle salad acts perfectly as a side dish or can be prepared into a balanced meal with an added protein source, shredded rotisserie chicken included! 

4. Chicken Pad Thai

This chicken Pad Thai recipe is authentic in flavor and packed with nutrients! This healthy dish tastes so good, you may forget it was prepared simply at home and not at a Thai restaurant!

The quick recipe takes upwards of 35 minutes from start to finish. Using rotisserie chicken cuts down on time even more! 

5. Chicken Burrito Bowl

This chicken burrito bowl recipe might call for skinless chicken breasts but using a rotisserie is a speedy meal prep tip! Really, there are countless ways to customize and add your own personal flair!

For other quick health hacks, swap sour cream for Greek yogurt and white rice for brown rice or quinoa. Or, enjoy a protein-packed, extra low-carb meal by opting for cauliflower rice. 

6. Shredded Chicken Tacos

Keep the fiesta alive and celebrate Taco Tuesday any day of the week! 

Simply add shredded rotisserie chicken to taco shells of your choice. Fill with favorite taco toppings, including shredded cabbage, tomato, onion, guacamole, roasted corn, and salsa.

7. Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers

While often used, swapping ground meat for rotisserie chicken is a unique spin on stuffed peppers. And adding some spicy buffalo sauce really stuffs the pepper with flavor!

8. Chicken Salad

Cold dishes aren't out of the question either! Make a healthy meal with your leftover chicken by adding it to a pesto chicken salad with pitas

If not too hip on pesto, or simply want to switch it up, try a buffalo chicken pita. Simply swap pesto with a low-fat and sugar buffalo sauce, pack with favorite veggies, and that's a wrap!

9. Tandoori Chicken Masala

Elevate leftover chicken to something more exotic with tandoori chicken masala. Traditionally, you would marinate chicken breasts. However, you can also marinate leftover chicken strips before adding them to the recipe.

10. Special Chicken Marsala

Even easier than marinating the chicken is our special chicken marsala. Not only is it healthy, but it also takes mere minutes to prepare, especially if using a store-bought rotisserie chicken! 

Just five simple steps and a handful of ingredients make this dish delicious - and within under 30 minutes!

11. Chicken, Shrimp, and Sausage Gumbo

Switching to a different cuisine, you can add leftover chicken to gumbo along with other meats. Chicken and shrimp in this recipe are lean meats that help to balance out the heartier sausage. 

Adjust the spices to taste in order to liven up your leftovers! 

12. Chicken Tortilla Stew 

If you love a warm and hearty bowl of chicken noodle soup, give this 

A chicken tortilla stew recipe can also be adjusted to use leftover chicken instead of raw chicken breasts. It adds a spicy flavor to otherwise boring leftovers. 

Plus, the recipe is packed with protein and lower in carbohydrates than other chicken tortilla soup options.

Recapping Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Recipes

Not looking forward to leftovers? A stellar rotisserie chicken recipe can change that! 

Look for recipes that balance a serving of vegetables, herbs, and spices with the refreshing versatility of that rotisserie chicken sitting in your fridge. 


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