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Chaffle Recipe for Healthy Low-Carb Waffles

A chaffle claimed its fame thanks to the keto diet, but what exactly is this hot new trend? Find an easy chaffle recipe and deliciously creative ways to enjoy them!

Chaffle Recipe for Healthy Low-Carb Waffles

Did you know waffles started out as an unsweetened hot cake?

Time and European travel introduced more ingredients to waffles beyond the basic flour and baking powder. And eventually, waffles became sweet snacks and desserts complete with the unique flavors of lemon, wine, cloves, amongst the many.

Fast forward to modern-day, waffles are an American breakfast staple garnering maple syrup in their crevices.

But waffle recipes continue to evolve, including its newest venture: A chaffle.

Wait, a what? A chaffle.

What Is a Chaffle?

A chaffle claimed its fame thanks to the keto diet, a high-fat, low-carb eating pattern. This is because a chaffle is not like a typical flour-based waffle, but one using cheese as its base layer.

Get it?

Cheese + waffle = chaffle.

Whether looking for a keto recipe or curious to try, heat up that trusted waffle iron for this keto chaffle recipe. Also, find creative ways to enjoy them!

Easy Chaffle Recipe

Yield: 1 serving

Nutrition per serving: 250 calories, 17 g fat, 21 g protein, 3 g total carb, 1 g fiber

Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 10 minutes
Total time: 15 minutes


• 1 egg
• 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese, shredded*
• 1 Tbsp almond flour**

*Feel free to experiment with other kinds of cheese, including cheddar cheese and pepper jack cheese.

**You can add coconut flour or almond flour to give it a more bread-like texture.


1. Heat waffle maker. All sorts of makers will work, though the size of each varies. A Dash Mini Waffle Maker will namely make several mini waffles while a Belgian waffle maker will produce one large waffle.

2. In a small bowl, crack the egg and whisk until egg white and yolk are combined. Add cheese and almond flour (if using) then stir to combine.

3. Once the waffle maker has heated, grease the sides then pour in the batter and close the top.

4. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes, or until it reaches desired doneness.

5. Carefully remove from waffle maker and set aside for 2 to 3 minutes. The chaffle will crisp as it cools.

3 Creative Ways to Enjoy the Chaffle Recipe

A chaffle is and can be much more than a carrier for maple syrup that sits alongside eggs and bacon. (Though enjoying as a breakfast staple is still highly recommended!)

However, there are so many creative and mouthwatering ways to eat chaffles.

1. Use chaffles as keto-friendly bread.

This traditional chaffle recipe is a keto-friendly bread and makes perfectly delicious sandwiches. This may include:

• Breakfast sandwich: Sandwich eggs, cheese, and other breakfast favorites into two chaffles. The sandwich makes the perfect breakfast for on-the-go!

• Tuna melt: Top a chaffle or two with tuna and shredded cheese. Broil in the oven on a baking sheet for about 3 minutes, or until cheese is melted and golden. Serve open-faced or stack into a layered sandwich. Top with mustard, greens, etc. as desired.

• Burgers: Add preferred burger patty onto a chaffle then layer with favorite burger toppings. This may include a standard burger with mustard and pickle or something more creative such as a blue cheese burger.

2. Build into a pizza.

The chaffle can serve as a low-carb crust and be flavored with onion and garlic powders, oregano, and parmesan cheese. As far as toppings go, there are countless ways to dress the pizza!

Some delicious combos include:

• Deluxe: pepperoni, sausage, red onion, mushroom
• Mexican: taco meat, diced tomato, jalapeno, avocado
• Buffalo chicken: buffalo sauce, shredded chicken, chopped scallions

3. Sweeten it up.

Need some sweet options to balance out the savory? We have that sweet tooth covered!

Add the following ingredients to the standard chaffle recipe:

• Cinnamon spice: 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract, sweetener to taste

• Chocolate coconut: 1 Tbsp sugar-free chocolate chips and 1 Tbsp shredded coconut, unsweetened

• Pumpkin: 1 Tbsp pumpkin puree, 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon, 1/2 nutmeg

Really, there are so many combinations and uses for the chaffle recipe. Play around with ingredients and flavors and truly make it your own!