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How to Not Gain Weight While Traveling

It's all too common… Using the "Hey, I'm on vacation!" excuse to validate any sort of decision while traveling. But enjoying vacation and sticking to goals can still come in union with these nine tips to avoid vacation weight gain!

How to Not Gain Weight While Traveling

Vacationing is generally getting away from life stressors to relax, not consistently worrying about whether or not your meal is balanced or if that weight lifting routine has been maintained. But enjoying vacation and sticking to goals can still come in union with these nine tips to avoid vacation weight gain!

How to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

1. Bring Workout Clothes

Next time you are formulating your vacation list, make sure workout clothes make it into the suitcase. If tennis shoes are not packed, grabbing them to hit the gym is predictably not happening. Additionally, a jump rope and fitness band are excellent on-the-go workout essentials that pack lightly and easily!

2. Pack Snacks

Instead of gravitating to the lure of tempting gas station munchies, pack your own healthful snacks! Especially if a cooling source is owned or provided, pack individually portioned Greek yogurts, carrots and hummus, cheese sticks, and other fresh fruits and veggies requiring refrigeration. Dry, convenient snacks include trail mix, granola bars, popcorn, and beef jerky. When choosing prepackaged snacks, though, utilize the nutritional labels to help identify unwanted ingredients such as sugar and trans fat.

3. Exercise in the Morning

While sleeping in and enjoying the comfort of vacation is often desirable, try to make it a point to tackle a workout before the day takes off (for at least a couple of the mornings). Starting the day off with exercise can help assist in a more healthful day, as energy levels are bound to heighten.

4. Stay Active

There are multiple ways to stay active on vacation even without the requirement of taking a trip to a structured gym. If flying out from an airport, use the downtime to walk the large establishment. Also, fill the days with activities rather than based around food. Though dependent on the climate and atmosphere of the destination, schedule activity-based outings such as hiking, snorkeling, and swimming.

5. Travel with an Activity Tracker

Activity trackers are excellent in promoting and encouraging high activity levels. Setting and monitoring goals with just a quick glance offers its users a motivational factor in achieving them. You are probably more apt to tackle the extra steps if you notice the walking goal is already 80 percent completed!

6. Survive the Hotel Buffet

If hotel breakfast in included, you may as well take advantage of all the options! Though mounding loads of bacon and toast is moderately discouraged, tips and tricks to survive the hotel buffet can save you on both money and calories, including initially scoping out the breakfast options and searching for varietal colors.

7. Drink Wisely

Though it is important to remain mindful of all beverages consumed, moderating alcohol consumption especially can help to avoid vacation weight gain. Alcohol essentially offers empty calories and if paired with sugary mixers, a mere one drink can easily pack on hundreds of calories. So if choosing to drink on vacation, stick to recommended servings (two for men and one for women per day) and limit artificial mixers loaded with sugar.

8. Stick with at Home Basics

Consistency is key during a health and weight loss journey. And though environment disparities may bombard on home routines, try to remain as uniform as possible. Whether it may be drinking eight glasses of water each day or eating a nutritious breakfast in the morning, stick to the basics you continually practice at home.

9. Just Relax

Unplug from electronics and technology and relax in the now. Vacations are meant to be enjoyed and bringing stress with you can hinder weight loss efforts. When the body undergoes stress, the hormone known as cortisol is expected to heighten. Consequently, elevated cortisol can increase appetite or fat deposition in the abdominal region while psychological responses to stress can also increase emotional eating and lead to bingeing episodes. Avoid vacation weight gain by actually enjoying it and relaxing!