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Surviving the Hotel Breakfast Buffet

Savory biscuits and gravy, fluffy waffles, crispy hash browns… Hotel breakfast buffets usually have it all. But are these options matching up to your current health goals?


Surviving the Breakfast Buffet

Savory biscuits and gravy, fluffy waffles, crispy hash browns… The hotel breakfast buffet often contains a smorgasbord of breakfast-lovers' favorites. But are these options matching up to your current health goals? Surviving the breakfast buffet can be achieved by…

…scoping out the breakfast options.

Impulsively and ravenously loading up the plate at the very beginning may lead to not only poorer choices, but more of them. After checking out what is available, make a mental game plan and try to keep buffet trips up at a minimum.

…going back to your health roots.

Try to stick to breakfast foods you would reach for while at home. Although foods should be enjoyed on vacation, it should also not be a free pass to gorge each meal. Vacations can still be enjoyed without compromising all your hard efforts leading up to it!

…searching for colors.

You may notice biscuits, hash browns, waffles and pancakes have one thing in common: they all appear whitish to golden in color. Nutrient-dense foods are often vibrant in color, including fresh fruits and veggies. Additionally, choosing whole fruits over fruit juice offers fiber which supports regularity and offers satiation.

…sticking to the principle of "moderation."

All foods can be fit into a well-balanced diet if sticking to the concept of moderation. When truly desiring a waffle, consume the recommended serving size and portion. Depriving yourself of foods initially increases the odds of a binge in the long run. Healthy breakfast buffet ideas and combinations listed below will assist in satisfying cravings.

Healthy Breakfast Buffet Ideas

Loaded Waffles

Like mentioned earlier, it is okay to enjoy waffles! However, doing so can be achieved with slight alterations. Instead of a big, plain waffle loaded with sugary syrup, cut the waffle in half and add a protein and/or healthy fat source (such as peanut butter and/or yogurt). These additions help cut the carb intake while offering a sense of fullness. And if offered, choose a wheat or whole grain waffle to increase fiber and nutrient content.


Some hotels offer made-to-order omelets in addition to the buffet. If available, build your own omelet with nutritious choices – spinach, onions, peppers, tomatoes, etc. Ask for light cheese if desired and try to divvy away from heavy amounts of standard breakfast meats including sausage and bacon.

Yogurt Parfaits

Create your own personal yogurt parfait! Hotels generally offer fruits on the breakfast buffet. Use a plain or Greek to reduce added sugars, load up with favorite fruits, top with peanut butter, and sprinkle with nuts or oats. Be as creative or as simple as desired! Cottage cheese and fruit is also a protein-packed breakfast option!


This classic breakfast staple can actually be one of the healthy things to eat breakfast. Skip out on sugary cereals and opt for whole grains, as they generally contain high fiber and B vitamins. Naturally sweeten with berries, banana slices, and cinnamon. Since milk offers 12 grams of protein per cup, adding with a grained cereal makes it a complete, well-balanced hotel breakfast!


If yearning for a warm, toasted bagel, go for it! But do so in a healthful way. Instead of topping with gobs of cream cheese and butter, use cottage cheese and fresh fruits. Though it may seem untraditional, cottage cheese compliments bagels (along with other bread products) and offers protein. Since one whole bagel contains approximately 50 to 60 grams of carbohydrate, splitting the bagel can ultimately cut the carb count in half. A bagel half also makes an excellent canvas for hummus and eggs!

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on September 05, 2016. Updated on September 05, 2016.


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