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Diet Advice from BistroMD's Health Experts

Ultimately, there are too many fad and crash diets, worthless diet pills, and bogus health claims that exist and are promoted in place of real information, causing confusion on how to diet for safe and successful weight loss.

Diet Advice from BistroMD's Health Experts

In a world where diet information exists with a simply click of a mouse, there is a unique paradox occurring in which both internet usage and weight gain are simultaneously occurring. While a simple internet search using the keywords "how to stay on a diet" and "the best way to eat to lose weight" may flood with relevant articles, the underlying information is too ambiguous to implement from virtual world to reality. Ultimately, there are too many fad and crash diets, worthless diet pills, and bogus health claims that exist and are promoted in place of real information, causing confusion on how to diet for safe and successful weight loss. Dieters are left to sort through this maze, hoping that the diet or product that they choose isn't just a gimmick. Unfortunately for most dieters, they are left to sort through this convoluted maze and often end up resorting to a gimmicky product or diet with no sort of sound backing. Here are some of the best dieting tips for weight loss!

Dieting Tips for Weight Loss

Focus On Whole Foods
Extensive lists of "eat this, not that" may be confusing. But rather than singling out individual foods, one of the best dieting tips for weight loss is by focusing on whole foods, including whole grains, produce, lean and plant-based proteins, and healthy fat sources. By incorporating more whole foods in their natural there is a lesser likelihood of fitting highly processed and innutritious products in the diet.

Stay Prepared
A proactive approach is one of the most influential ways to stay on a diet. To hinder the risks of unhealthy choices, stay prepared through the act of meal prepping. Along with having convenient meals prepared for busy workweek, keep healthy snacks on hand such as sliced veggies and hummus, bananas and peanut butter, and blueberries and Greek yogurt.

Honor Your Hunger
People tend to believe restrictive diets are key in weight loss. Pay attention to and hunger your hunger, particularly be implementing more mindful eating techniques. Rather than eating based on boredom or perceived cravings, start recognizing hunger and satiety cues. Eating based on hunger is imperative to nourishing the body, along with forming a good relationship with food. Tune into internal cues by slowing down at meals, eating at the dining table, and limiting external distractions. Additionally, well-balanced meals and snacks can help keep hunger at bay.

Allow Indulgences
In addition to honoring feelings of hunger, allow indulgences. Yes, grabbing from the community candy jar at work is discouraged, but nutrition experts tend to recommend allowing such indulges from time-to-time. While avoiding foods and grouping them into "bad" and "good" categories may cause a negative relationship to food, it is important to identify and recognize how foods influence both the physical body and emotions. Ultimately, food is meant to be enjoyed in a sensible manner and consistently depriving yourself from life's pleasures can actually create more harm than good. That being said, enjoy that piece of cake on your birthday and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving... All while practicing the concepts of moderation and mindfulness.

Complement Diet with Exercise
While diet is key in weight loss, so is regular physical activity. Adding exercise into your lifestyle assists in weight loss and management, mostly by burning calories and nurturing and increasing lean body mass. As a general reference, adults should exercise at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise on a weekly basis, along with strength training a couple or few times each week. Additionally, individuals are encouraged to partake in exercises they actually enjoy doing, as feeling pressured to workout or perceiving it as a chore can dampen motivation and cause individuals to throw in the towel altogether.

Select Your Best Fit
Though research and nutrition experts can point you into the right direction, it is up to you to continue on your own personal journey. The best diet is one that works for you, encouraging individuals to pick their best fit and what they will adhere to long-term. For instance, some individuals thrive with strict guidelines, while the thought of such rigidity leads to short-term outcomes in others.

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