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Your Best Workout Buddy

Music is a motivator! If you can't find someone to go with you to the gym or on a walk, your music can always be with you.

Your Best Workout Buddy

Move to the Music

Music is the best workout companion. It's always ready to go when you are! Music can up the effectiveness of your workout because your movements will naturally go with the tempo of the music.

Cardio workouts are fast paced to get your heart rate up. Opt for fast tempo music for your elliptical training, running, or bike riding. No matter what type of music you enjoy you can find beats that suitable to get your heart pumping.

Weight lifting is mentally best when in tandum with hard rock. The bass alone is enough to will you to an intense weight lifting workout.

If you're walking to jumpstart your weight loss, you need a variety of tempos to help you change your walking speed to get your heart rate up to burn fat. With the right music, you'll work harder without feeling like it!

I suggest creating playlists of varying lengths (15, 30, and 1 hour) so you can switch up what you're listening to and increase your intensity based on the length of your workout.

Start with a warm up song or two that will motivate you for your workout; just make sure it's not too fast-paced. Toward the end of your work out put a song that always gets you excited. You'll need it to help keep you going when you're the most tired. Pick something that will inspire you to push yourself through to your cool down.

Remember: Music is a motivator!

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