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Workout During Pregnancy: Get Active

Activity during pregnancy will not only help yourself, but can be beneficial towards your child.

Workout During Pregnancy: Get Active

If you’re like the thousands of other mothers to be in the country, you likely wonder what you can do to make your pregnancy the most pleasant experience possible. It’s very likely that your doctor has recommended that you watch what you are eating, and get some exercise, when possible. But what exactly is the perfect workout during pregnancy?

There are a variety of low-impact exercises that a woman can perform during pregnancy with minimal risk to her own health, or that of her baby. These include, swimming, light aerobics, riding a stationary bike, and even lifting very light weights. Check with your doctor to see which activities are best suited for your personalized workout during pregnancy.

But I’m Pregnant…

Though pregnancy often causes women to become tired easily, it does not completely rob them of the ability to exercise. In fact, though it may seem contradictory, a good pregnancy workout can actually help give you more energy. Just remember: muscles that are in shape take longer to tire out.

Now that we’ve thrown out the notion of being lazy during those special eight months, let’s talk about the benefits of a workout during pregnancy.

We said earlier muscles that are use to working hard take a longer amount of time to tire out. Women who utilize a workout during pregnancy are at an advantage for two reasons.

First, many women complain of back pain during their pregnancy. A body that has been well conditioned is much better suited to tackling the task of carrying that extra baby weight.

Second, is the event of labor itself. It’s a simple fact that giving birth is not easy. If you workout regularly, labor will not be as difficult, which is why it is important to prepare your body for this physically daunting task.

Eating Smart

Women who utilize a daily workout during pregnancy must make certain they are eating a nutritious diet. Now, you might be thinking that all pregnant women need to eat healthy – and you’re right. The point that we are trying to make is that a pregnancy workout takes even more nutrients out of your system than normal. Talk to your doctor about your workout plan, and ask about any recommended changes to your diet as a result.

Eventually, once you’ve given birth, you will have to think about nutrition again. This time however, it’s for a different reason.

During pregnancy your body more or less becomes a baby factory. It takes the building blocks you put in (nutrients) and builds a finished product (your baby). In order to ensure that everything goes smoothly, your body packs on extra weight, just in case. This is the weight that women have come to know affectionately as "baby fat."

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