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Fun Ways to Stay Active During the Winter Season

Plenty of winter activities and cold-weather outdoor exercises can inspire the toughest winter-loather to stay moving. Read on for fun ideas!

Fun Ways to Stay Active During the Winter Season

Just because winter is right around the corner does not mean exercise should fall dormant. Instead, winter is a great time to revitalize health and fitness goals and adapt workouts to the appropriate environment. 

Plenty of winter activities and cold-weather outdoor exercises can inspire the toughest winter-loather to stay moving. Thus, this article will cover how to stay active in the winter while enjoying it as well!

Cold Weather Activities

From snowsports to leisurely cold weather exercises, there are many ways to get active in the winter season. Give the examples below a try!


For the lucky folks near pale purple mountainous winters, many snowsports becken at their fingertips. These include snowshoeing, skiing, and boarding.

Snowsports like the aforementioned are difficult in nature due to the extra demand placed on all stabilizing muscles. Thus, engaging in these kinds of sports a few times a week is considered a very effective workout regimen and one that will lead to stronger core, ankle, and leg muscles. 

Obtain the most benefit from continuing to think of these activities as fun rather than an official workout for serious motivation! 

Leisurely Cold Weather Exercises

For those not near snow sports landmarks, there are still plenty of winter workouts available. Sledding, ice skating, snowball fights, and even building a snow fort await to be tried. 

Really, any movement that raises heart rate and body temperature are great winter physical activities! 

Snow Shoveling

Most cold-weather workouts seem and feel more like fun activities, maybe not shoveling so much, but it is an excellent total back workout. Thus, channel that inner child spirit and get playing! Muscles will be more engaged thanks to the snow.

When taking part in these winter activities, make sure to dress appropriately. This may include wearing fleece, wool, and other articles of clothing to help the body stay warm and counter brisk wind chills. 

Also, cap off winter activities with cozy and healthy drinks! Mulled wine, hot cocoa, and other delightful beverages are sure to warm you back up!

Active Indoor Activities

Still dreaming of trying a fitness studio-like class such as pilates, barre, boot camp, even lagree? Winter is the perfect season to try one for the first time! 

As the air chills and heading outside for a workout feels slim, take the opportunity to try a different style of workout or class. There are many ways to do so!

Virtual Workouts

One positive of this pandemic is everyone has banned together and created a comprehensive library of thousands of millions of virtual workouts, studio-style included. So for those seeking the comfort of their home, simply search the workout of choice and follow along. 

Workout Classes

If craving community, consider gifting a friend a workout class or membership to try together. And, for those seeking the comfort of their home, simply search the workout of choice and follow along.

Holiday Shopping

If shopping was not already fun enough, it is also another opportunity to move those legs. The holiday season inspires gift-giving galore. Walking of any intensity is a very solid, healthful behavior known to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases and promote longevity. 

So, when walking outside becomes too frigid, step indoors to peruse the aisles while simultaneously snagging some effective movement. Your heart, lungs, and mind will reap the positive health benefits.

Winter Workouts

Specific at home and outdoor workouts are certainly still options as well. The most intense creatures of habit will not really alter their workout regimens no matter the weather or temperature, so here is an option for the cold and hot-blooded. 

No home gym? No problem! These exercises use bodyweight so they can be tackled both in and outdoors! 

Indoor Workout

*Repeat 3-4x

Circuit 1

a) 50 jumping jacks
b) 45-second plank
c) 30 seconds close leg squat jumps

Circuit 2

d) 50 mountain climbers
e) 10 commandos each shoulder
f) 12 wide stance squats to elbow to knee each side

Circuit 3

g) 12 side lunges each leg
h) 25 scissor kicks each leg
i) 10 pushups

Outdoor Workout

*Can be completed in a backyard, park green, beach, etc.

Circuit 1

a) 25 jumping jacks
b) 10 burpees
c) 15 reverse crunches

*Repeat 4x

Circuit 2

d) 10-15 fifty to one hundred yard sprints

Bonus: Take the sprints uphill to torch max amount of calories!

Circuit 3

e) 1 min plank
f) 30-second side plank each side
g) 50 Russian twists
h) 10 reverse lunges each leg

*Repeat 5 x

Yes, a workout can be this simple and short and still effective! 

The Bottom Line

Working out in the cold challenges the heart, lungs, and muscles more. Hence a big reason why so many struggles and dislikes the winter months, let alone exercising during them!

However, exercise hibernation does the body little good, so it is still important to discover enjoyable ways of moving even if snowflakes sprinkle the ground. With so many options, one is sure to be right for you!