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Pregnancy Exercise: Preparing for Baby

Exercise when pregnant to prepare your body for the miracle of childbirth.

Pregnancy Exercise: Preparing for Baby

After you’ve received the good news that you’re pregnant, it is likely that you have a few questions for your doctor. Often, these questions are related to what you can and cannot continue to do as a pregnant woman. One of the most common questions is whether or not it is safe to exercise when pregnant.

To begin, whether or not a woman should exercise when pregnant is a judgment call that can only be safely made by a medical professional. Before beginning any exercise plan, check with your doctor to see if there are any specific considerations based on your personal health characteristics.

What It Can Do For YOU: Exercise When Pregnant

Women who exercise when pregnant are much more likely to enjoy the experience of being pregnant than those who opt not to exercise. The benefits to of exercising when pregnant are immense.

Have trouble sleeping at night? Are there too many things running through your mind to even think about a restful night’s sleep? Believe it or not, women who exercise when pregnant often experience a better quality of sleep than they would if they had not exercised. This is because exercise naturally releases endorphins, or neurotransmitters in the brain, that help to relieve stress.

In addition to more sound and restful sleep, exercise when pregnant can also help to reduce back pain caused by the added weight around your midsection. Let’s face it – carrying a baby to term is hard work. You can, however, ease the burden through exercise. Strong muscles are much better equipped to handle the added weight than are those that receive no exercise at all.

Lastly, women who exercise when pregnant are doing themselves a huge favor when it comes time to finally give birth. The process of going through labor takes a lot out of a person, and a well exercised body is well suited to meet the challenge.

A Diet Fit For Your Baby

If eating a healthy diet is necessary for someone who is not pregnant, it is even more so for a pregnant woman. Making sure that your body has the important nutrients to ensure that your baby develops properly is essential, but don’t forget about your own body as well. When you exercise when pregnant your body requires even more nutrients than normal to stay healthy.

There is no diet that is perfect for all pregnant women because certain health considerations must be taken into account. For this reason, it is important to talk to your doctor about your exercise plan so that he or she can fill you in on exactly what you need to eat to stay healthy.

Post Pregnancy

It is not surprising that women who exercise when pregnant are better suited to lose their baby weight faster than women who do not. If a woman continues her exercise plan after she has given birth, she puts herself is a great position to get back into pre-pregnancy shape.

An important consideration for women who have recently given birth is that their workouts can become more strenuous than they were during pregnancy. While safety is obviously the key, it is again acceptable to engage in workouts that challenge the body in a more physically demanding way.

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