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Exercising During Pregnancy: It's a Healthy Decision

Gaining weight during pregnancy is expected, use these tips to reduce the aftermath and keep your body and health in top shape.

Exercising During Pregnancy: It's a Healthy Decision

Of course, anyone who is healthy enough to exercise should be included, but what about those individuals who have certain medical considerations? What about exercising during pregnancy?

Many people seem to believe that women who are going through pregnancy should not exert themselves too much, or at all. Most people would assume, then, that exercising during pregnancy would not be an approved activity. This is simply not the case.

Get Up, Get Active

Exercising during pregnancy is encouraged by most doctors for the benefits it can lend to both a mother and her unborn child. It is important to note however, that only your doctor can accurately assess the level of activity that you should strive for.

For a mother to be, exercising during pregnancy can alleviate, or at least lessen, many of the uncomfortable and inconvenient aspects of carrying a baby to term.

To begin, exercising during pregnancy helps to strengthen an expecting mother’s muscles. Strong muscles are much better suited to carrying around the added weight that pregnancy entails. Being physically fit also helps immensely when it comes time to give birth, an already physically challenging task.

In addition to the physical benefits of exercising during pregnancy there are also a few that are more about a mother to be’s mind.

When humans exercise our bodies release chemicals called endorphins which, in large quantities, can lead to feelings of extreme happiness or euphoria. Most exercise doesn’t elicit such a strong release, but this does not mean that the effects will not be noticed. Mothers who make a habit of exercising during pregnancy can benefit from released endorphins in the form of a better night’s sleep.

Diet Isn’t A Dirty Word

For a new mother to be, the word diet carries a different meaning than it does for other people. Traditionally, diet refers to eating less, counting calories, and in general, trying to lose weight. For a mother-to-be, it refers more to the kinds of nutrients she feeds her body and her baby.

In the case of mothers who are exercising during pregnancy it is even more important that their bodies get the nutrients they crave. Expecting mothers should talk to their doctor about their exercise plan, and ask about any necessary dietary changes that might be recommended.

After Pregnancy: The Dreaded Baby Weight

It’s one of the universal aspects of being a new mother – baby weight.

Long after your child has been welcomed into the world, this stubborn ring of extra weight around the midsection remains. Try as you might, but it’s not going anywhere unless you put up a fight.

The reason for the universal problem of baby weight has to do with the human capacity for love. New mothers spend so much time caring for their babies that they often neglect their own health. While exercising during pregnancy was relatively easy (no baby to feed or diapers to change) exercising after pregnancy is not.

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