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11 Fun in the Sun Workout Ideas

Think workouts are confined to an indoor gym? Think again! Simultaneously enjoy the warm sun and exercise this summer with these 11 outdoor exercise ideas!

11 Fun in the Sun Workout Ideas

Think workouts are restricted to an indoor gym? Think again!

Physical activity can be completed virtually anywhere, including the outdoors where the sun shines.

So, break from the interior walls and enjoy these 11 fun-in-the-sun workout ideas!

1. Swimming

Grab a suit and head to your favorite swimming spot! Swimming not only burns hundreds of calories, but targets muscle groups throughout the entire body. 

Swimming also helps to tone and build strength without stressful impacts of weights, as the water is gentle on joints and muscles. This pool workout is a low-impact, enjoyable workout to complement or replace laps in the water.

2. Kayaking

Paddling through the cool, blue waters and basking in the warm summer sun… You may have not even realized this was even an outdoor exercise idea! Kayaking is a solid strength-training workout to all upper body muscles along with some in the lower body. 

And not to mention, four hours of kayaking can burn an average of 1,600 calories!

3. Stand Up Paddleboarding

Similar to kayaking, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) requires a paddle to maneuver through water. But instead of sitting down in a kayak, you are (as the name implies) standing up and balancing on a paddle board. 

Stand up paddleboarding is surefire full-body workout that activates the body’s essential muscles, ultimately requiring stability and control and improving posture.

4. Hiking

Pack up and go exploring! Hiking is a fun way to promote aerobic exercise while granting yourself solidarity in the great outdoors. 

Trek through high hills and altitudes for added resistance and lower body sculpting. And if wanting to make a day of it, pack these healthy picnic food and snack ideas.

5. Trail Running

Rev up your hike by running the trails! Compared to the flat surfaces of a treadmill or track, the body is required to be totally engaged and balanced related to the textured, uneven terrain and incline changes. 

And as the body and mind wanders though nature, both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems are being used during the trail run.

6. Walking

If crunched for time or limited access to trails, you can simply tie up your favorite walking shoes and step to these 21 proven health benefits anywhere outside. 

Nonetheless, walking in nature has proven to boost both physical and mental health!

7. Dog Walking

Whether walking your own or volunteering at a local animal shelter, step out into nature with a four-legged companion. 

Not only does doing so benefit you physically and mentally, but transpires onto your furry friend!

8. Biking

Rather than hitting feet on the pavement, pedal to the benefits of biking! 

Biking is a fun way to exercise outside, all while strengthening the cardiovascular system and legs! Seek out hills for an even greater and intense outdoor workout.

9. Participating in Recreational Sports

Sign-up for recreational sports in your local area or form teams with family and friends. 

Favorite group sports to consider include sand volleyball, kickball, tennis, soccer, basketball, and softball. No matter which sport you choose, you will likely forget you are exercising this summer!

10. Rollerblading

Promoting cardio and balance, cruising on rollerblades is a fun way to exercise outside. Rollerblading is a great aerobic workout because it increases oxygen uptake and blood circulation throughout the entire body. 

But in addition to being a great aerobic workout, rollerblading is also an effective calorie-burning activity and helps improve balance and coordination.

11. HIITing the Courts

If you have a basketball or volleyball court nearby, make it your personal gym and tackle a HIIT workout. Also known as high-intensity interval training, HIIT maximizes aerobic capacity while simultaneously activating major muscle groups. 

An example HIIT court circuit may include this tabata workout or five rounds of back and forth sprints, 30 second rest, 30 seconds of jumping jacks, 30 second rest, 10 plank jacks, 30 second rest, etc. But whatever HIIT you tackle, leave it all on the court!