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Daily Exercise Plan: Five Days to Better Health

Follow this five day daily exercise plan to achieve better health.

Daily Exercise Plan: Five Days to Better Health

My daily exercise plan, Zen Fitness is a five day program that offers a perfect balance of meditation and exercise to help you achieve your best body! My motto is ‘sweat at least once a day’ and you’ll achieve just that with my daily plan. Engaging in a healthy exercise routine will ensure you a fit mental and physical state.

Day 1: Begin your exercise plan with a body sculpt class focusing on abs, gluts, and arm definition. After sculpt class, a light stretch class will be great to counteract the muscles. After an exercise routine it’s best to meditate on your practice and to clear the mind from everyday stressors. Remember, the mind is as important, if not more important, than physical health.

Day 2: Opt for a cardio workout like a spin class to get your heart pumping and to shed excess weight. After such an intense workout it’s always recommended to counter stretch. You may take a light stretch class, or even stretch yourself. To boost your immune system sit crossed leg on the floor with your palms facing upward on your knees. Stick your tongue out with your chest open and take a few deep breaths out. Surprisingly this works!

Day 3: Take a multilevel yoga or pilates class to really work your core and balance skills. These classes will most likely include Savasana, or the final relaxation pose. This meditation will help to get you through the rest of a hectic week.

Day 4: A core class or cardio class to get your heart pumping. After a cardio-filled class make sure to stretch out or even take a 10 minute light yoga class.

Day 5: To end your exercise plan take an advanced yoga/pilates class with a Savasana session to get your whole body working. This core-filled and balance-filled class will give you the perfect balance of relaxation and exercise to end your exercise routine, and to have a relaxing weekend!