BistroMD GLP-1 Medication

BistroMD supports users of GLP-1 medications - beyond providing nutritious, delicious meals.

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Maximize GLP-1's effectiveness by pairing it with bistroMD's doctor-designed program that supports users of GLP-1 medications in countless ways:

bistroMD supports users of GLP-1 medications in countless ways:

  • Fulfills GLP-1 Instructions

    BistroMD offers nutritionally balanced meals that cut down on planning and preparing healthy meals, allowing users more time for exercise and other recommended activities when taking GLP-1 medications.

  • Targets Insulin Resistance & Weight Loss

    The bistroMD menu is designed to balance nutrients, including portion-controlled complex carbs, lean protein, and healthy fats. This helps stabilize blood sugars, control cravings, and preserve lean muscle tissue during weight loss, addressing issues related to insulin resistance.

  • Helps Preserve Muscle Mass

    Recognizing the importance of protein in preserving muscle mass, bistroMD emphasizes the consumption of adequate lean protein every three hours. This is crucial, as rapid weight loss associated with GLP-1 medications or other methods can lead to muscle loss.

  • Provides Individual Support

    Understanding the need for support in long-term adherence to GLP-1 medications, the dedicated Registered Dietitian team offers comprehensive support to keep members inspired, motivated, and on track throughout their journey.

  • Develops Sustainable Habits

    BistroMD encourages members to avoid relying solely on medications and instead focuses on cultivating healthy habits. The program helps members learn portion sizes and make health-conscious choices when dining out, while also providing personalized tips with Registered Dietitian support to create lasting behavioral changes and long-term success.