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Healthy Recipes

Looking for a perfect recipe for tonight’s dinner, or need something healthy and delicious to take to a friend’s house for a party? Crafted by our award-winning chefs, and built on the nutritional foundation developed by Dr. Cederquist, these recipes are exactly what you’re looking for!

Skinny Starfruit Splash Infused Water

Kick off summer with this refreshing fruit-infused water. Stay cool and hydrated this summer with another fun way to enjoy more water and get more nutrients!

Skinny Starfruit Splash Infused Water


Makes one pitcher
- 2-3 starfruits, sliced
- 1 pint of strawberries, sliced
- 1 bag of frozen blueberries


1. Layer ice and fruit in a pitcher
2. Add purified water and let sit for 30 minutes
3. Pour into individual glasses, accent each glass with a starfruit garnish

Benefits of the Skinny Starfruit Splash Drink

Rich in vitamin A and C, this tropical frui is loaded with antioxidants. It also has a reputation for curing hangovers and warding off colds.

Blueberries’ anthocyanins – which give them their blue hue – attach cancer-causing free radicals.

Strawberries help to burn stored fat while flavonoids lower the risk of heart disease. They also contain potassium, which helps promote bone health.

Christy Zagarella's Photo
Written By Christy Zagarella, MS, RDN. Published on May 13, 2017. Updated on May 13, 2017.


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