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Healthy Dessert Ideas that Won't Kill Your Diet

No one enjoys the guilt that comes with eating a high-calorie, low nutritional value dessert. We're here to help with six options that taste great but won't destroy your diet.

Healthy Dessert Ideas that Won't Kill Your Diet

It's a new year and the fruits and vegetables have increased along with a decreased intake of cakes, cookies, and other desserts. However, satisfying that sweet tooth does not necessarily result to failure! Unlike popular belief, healthy desserts do in fact (and thankfully) exist. Stay on track of your health goals with these healthy dessert ideas.

Healthy Dessert Ideas that Won't Kill Your Diet

Strawberry Shortcake

Fruit-containing desserts do not automate them as healthy just like vegetables on pizza does not necessarily make it healthy, either. Traditional strawberry shortcakes are loaded with saturated fat and refined sugar. For these treats, alternate fresh strawberries and small pound cake cubes on a skewer. Drizzle the kabobs with a low-fat whipped cream to achieve the taste of strawberry shortcake.

Nut Clusters

These homemade chocolaty clusters are the perfect bite-sized treats. Melt desired chocolate and nuts together, such as dark chocolate and almonds. Spoon quarter-sized scoops on nonstick parchment paper and freeze until the chocolate is hardened. The small, sweet bites keep portions under control while satisfying that sweet tooth. Unlike several desserts, these nut clusters are filled with healthy fat and protein.

Apple Pie

The warm, sweet taste of fresh apple pie is a temptation even not on fall holidays. Sometimes, warming apples with cinnamon will even do the trick. If the crust is ultimately desired, try out this quick and easy healthy apple crisp.

Fruit Salad

Fruit and salad? What's not healthy about that pairing? Unfortunately, some fruit salads contain lots of added syrups as well as high-fat cream. For a healthier alternative, cut preferred fruits into small chunks; tropical fruits with fresh pineapple, mangoes, oranges, and kiwi; berries filled with vibrant strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries; or any other combination desired. Use a Greek yogurt to coat the fruit for a little added creaminess without introducing significant amounts of fat.

Ice Cream Sundae

Much to surprise, ice cream actually can fit into a healthy diet. The creamy dairy product is also an excellent source of calcium. When choosing ice cream, it is important to be mindful of sugars as well as sticking to serving sizes. The toppings can be detrimental to the healthful benefits of ice cream. Instead of choosing candies, cookies, and syrups, try sticking to fresh fruits. It's always important to remember if chocolaty Oreo's are desired, to use a sprinkle or two and not go overboard.


If fat is of concern, switch ice cream to another cold, sweet treat. Sorbets are virtually universal. In reality, sorbet is a mixture of sugar-water, a lemon or lime juice, and fruit that is frozen after blended. If prepared at home, the amount of sugar added can be controlled. Cool off this summer with a watermelon sorbet. The sugar can be reduced to your liking.

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