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How are your meals different than the meals I can buy in the grocery store?

Chad O.

While the bistroMD entrée trays may look similar to those generic grocery meals, that's where the similarities end! Some frozen dinners are loaded with fat, sodium, and calories. Packaging claims may also be misleading. It's not always clear what makes products qualify to be labeled "natural" or "organic".

On the other hand, the bistroMD program has been scientifically balanced for weight loss and all 150+ entrée are certified by the USDA. There is no added MSG, Trans Fat, or Aspartame in our entrées. We are committed to serving the same quality food that we eat at our own tables. Additionally, there is significantly more protein present in bistroMD meals, and the portion sizes are larger than the standard store-bought frozen meal. At bistroMD we are fighting the idea that diet food is bland and un-filling with large servings of delicious chef-prepared entrées.

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