How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?

Many question, "When & how often should I weigh myself?" Since all body shapes and weights are unique, there really is no black and white answer. However, there are guidelines and tips for conquering the dreaded scale.

How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?

Many question "When should I weigh myself?" and "Should I weigh myself each day?" The strategies to weighing yourself are a little more complicated than standing on the scale each morning and tracking numbers. Since weight loss goals differ continually, there really is no black and white answer. However, there are guidelines and tips for conquering the dreaded scale.

How to Weigh Yourself


Not all scales are treated the same. When it comes to the accuracy of the scale, splurge a little more than $10.00. On average, precise scales cost between $50.00 and $150.00, depending on technological features. It is up to your own discretion if mobile apps and Wi-Fi capabilities are desired to track and link weight trends and goals.


Once you have chosen your scale, it is important lay it out on a flat surface. Solid surfaces such as tile, concrete, and hardwood can reduce the risk of faulty and inaccurate readings. Avoid setting the scale on uneven surfaces like carpets and rugs.


When it comes to actually weighing yourself, you should try to stay consistent on the clothing, or lack thereof, you are wearing when stepping on the scale. Heavy clothing, especially coats and shoes, results in a heavier total weight. Step evenly on the scale and remain still until the number appears. You can weigh yourself more than once to ensure a reliable number.


There really is no cut and dry answer to exactly identify when you should be weighing yourself. Ideally, individuals should stay consistent with weighing times to track weight loss. Individuals generally weigh less upon awaking and after using the restroom. An intense, sweaty workout can further reduce the number shown on the scale and may result in disappointment after rehydrating.

How Often?

One of the most common questions individuals have is, "Should I weigh myself each day? Obsessively stepping on the scale multiple times a day, or even once daily, can be a mind game. Day-to-day fluctuations can be not only discouraging, but damaging. On the total opposite end of the spectrum, weighing yourself only once a year at an annual physical is not ideal, either. Research does show weighing yourself once a day or week can keep weight loss in check and lead to positive affirmations.

The Scaling Conclusion

Since all body shapes and weights are unique, how to weigh yourself is generally personalized to the individual. However, weighing yourself at least a few times per month can be valuable. Keeping tabs on weight can be a part of the larger health picture. In addition to the scale, use other validations (tape measures, the way clothing fits, and mood improvements) to track weight loss progress. It is important to not get bogged down by the number shown on a scale. Do not let quantifiable numbers disrupt quality feelings of health and success!

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