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The Benefits of Weight Loss Far Outweigh the Cost of Packing on the Pounds

Both mental and physical health can be improved through healthy weight loss.

The Benefits of Weight Loss Far Outweigh the Cost of Packing on the Pounds

Have you ever wondered why people worry about their weight so much?

Excess body fat and obesity can lead to many problems including stroke, diabetes, heart disease, high medical bills, discrimination, decreased quality of life and life expectancy, and also unhappiness or depression. Thankfully, the benefits of weight loss and weight management are much greater than gaining weight and packing on the pounds. They include reducing your risk for diseases as well as increased energy, happiness and more! Therefore, if you have been struggling with your weight, recently gained weight, or you know someone struggling with their own weight, explaining the benefits of weight loss can significantly help you or someone you love lose those unhealthy pounds.

More on the benefits of weight loss

Reduced risk of disease

When you are overweight or obese, the excess weight you are carrying around is putting extra pressure and stress onto your body, joints, bones, muscles and organs. Over time, this added pressure and stress translates into medical problems like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, weak knees, stiff joints, fatigue and exhaustion, just to name a few. One of the best benefits of weight loss is a decreased risk of these harmful health risks. For each additional pound that you lose, you will reduce the pressure and stress you are putting on your body and consequently reduce your risk for diseases and poor health later on.

Lower medical costs

We all know that hospitalization and medication are expensive. By losing weight and decreasing your risk of illness, you are simultaneously reducing your medical bills. Hooray! Who knew that one of the benefits of weight loss was saving money? What a sigh of relief!

Increased energy

If you have ever tried carrying a baby or a heavy load of groceries, you know how exhausting carrying that extra weight can be. The added weight can make walking more difficult. Luckily, you can put down that baby or heavy load of groceries. But unfortunately, when this extra weight is on your body there is no escaping from it. When you lose extra weight, basic tasks become easier and you’ll have much more energy to spare.

Better sleep

Poor circulation, poor temperature regulation, difficulty breathing, and discomfort due to being overweight can make getting a good night sleep difficult. When you lose weight, your circulation, temperature regulation, and breathing improves. This added benefit of weight loss translates into better sleep and more energy and productivity, so you won’t miss out on the things you love.


While all the above mentioned benefits of weight loss are fantastic, the best benefit of weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight is freedom. Freedom from weight based limitations such as limited mobility, discrimination, discomfort, unhappiness and self-doubt. Once you lose the weight that is holding you back, you are free to enjoy life and just be you.

Do not wait, get moving, eat better and make the changes your body is begging you to make.

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