Maria found bistroMD and lost the 40 pounds she had gained during menopause
Maria before and after
Maria always lived a healthy lifestyle and was able to maintain a steady weight throughout her life. But like many women, when she started menopause her body began to change. One of the unexpected changes she experienced was rapid weight gain. After trying a few well-known weight loss programs and having little success, Maria found bistroMD and lost the 40 pounds she had gained during menopause. Heres how she did it, and how you can too!
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I always took really good care of my food but my body was changing and I was putting on pounds and pounds.
Maria's after photo
Maria has now learned proper portion control and snacking strategies. Maria feels really confident in her ability to eat better after her weight loss journey with bistroMD.
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Highlights from Maria's Journey

How It Started


Maria fell in love with the program, and the food, from day one.

"Gone through my 1st day of the Menopause plan. Everything went well, food was lovely. I just felt a little hungry towards bed time. Can’t wait to shred more pounds down and reach my health weight goal."

2 weeks

During her second week on the program, Maria started experiencing some minor health complications. To help navigate these issues, Maria reached out to the on-call bistroMD dietitians for guidance and advice. The dietitians were able to work with Maria and together they created the best custom-tailored bistroMD program to fit Maria’s individual needs.

How It's Going

1 month

"It has been over a month since I finished my bistroMD diet. I feel healthy, powerful and my mind is at ease because all of the health I have gained while losing weight."

"If I have achieved it, so can you. Don't let the scale derail your path to a healthier you. I have been doing just fine and I have not gained any weight during these weeks, in fact I lost 2 lbs and a few extra inches around my bust, abdomen and waist. Keep pushing, this is the best that ever happened to me lately."


9 weeks

Maria's before photo
Maria's after photo

Maria hit her goal weight!

When people ask her how she lost the weight she tells them,"there were no miracles, you need the right people and bistroMD is the right people. For me, finding bistroMD was the best."

How It's Still Going


"Two and a half months on my own after BistroMD and I am still on my healthy weight. Trying to encourage all of you going through your personal battles. Encouragement for those that never give up, no matter what. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF"

Maria's Advice:

"If you feel discouraged, feel like you have had enough, like you are not making any progress, if you are stuck for weeks, don’t let your scale determine who you are and who you can become. Be stronger, support other members, we all have been there but success takes courage, patience, perseverance, exercise and a lot of will power."

* Weight loss results will vary. Members can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week.

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