For Jeff, a New Years Resolution turned into life-transforming wellness.
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Jeff began bistroMD because of a New Years resolution. Sick of following his pretend diet, consisting mainly of chicken breast and spinach, he was in search of a diet meal plan that not only worked, but also provided great tasting food. With the help of bistroMD, he transformed his health & eating habits. Heres how he did it, and how you can too!
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Highlights from Jeff's Journey

Creating New Habits

3 weeks

"This weekend I banished the "all or nothing" approach I've taken in the past. I stuck with the BistroMD meals even with all the temptations of a three-day weekend without just locking myself up."

Old Habits


The old way was several beers and buffalo wings.


Try out the new burger place.


The whole damn cooler of IPA's & sitting on the couch ALL day during the game.

New Habits


Happy Hour with one Japanese "super-dry" beer (low calories and carbs) and a half dozen raw oysters.


Out for lunch and had the ahi poke bowl with brown rice & walked right past that new burger place.


One Barrelhouse Brewing Co IPA during the '49ers game after going for a two mile walk.

50 lbs Staying Committed

10 weeks

"Today makes ten weeks. 50lbs lost, started hiking and running again. Feeling much better. I intend to keep this going and I'm at the point where I don't think about going back. Here's the picture I took on Jan 1st along with the one from yesterday right when I got back from a three mile run."

Jeff's before photo
Jeff's after photo

"I recently found old pants that I never thought I would wear again."

100 lbsReaching the 100 lbs Milestone

29 weeks

"Well, there it is, 100 pounds lost. *Unexpectedly this morning, a number I knew was on the horizon but didn't know would appear on the 204th day, 29 weeks plus a day along the path."

* Weight loss results will vary. Members can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week.

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