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Weight Loss Food: Smile or Cringe?

Learn about the stigma surrounding weight loss food. Too often we think of small unappetizing dishes, when that doesn't have to be the case.

Weight Loss Food: Smile or Cringe?

Weight loss food—a word that either makes us smile or cringe

We cringe because there are a million and one stereotypes about weight loss food. And we smile if we’ve actually tried good, quality weight loss food that helped us lose weight.

We’re a little different here at bistroMD. We care about you and we make your weight loss goals a priority.

We’re different and this is why

Gretchen Breese, 58, from Jamaicia Plain, MA can vouch for us. 

“I wanted a program that was healthy, but convenient,” Breese said. “BistroMD was the best discovery I have ever made. I noticed an immediate change. I felt remarkable and it was such a surreal feeling. I was able to lose 15 pounds and the portions plus the nutrition helped get my body back into balance.

Breese gets compliments from her colleagues and her students now. She can’t believe how the convenience of weight loss food delivered to her door has made living healthy so easy.

We can help you meet your goals too. Not to mention, we have really great food—weight loss food or not.

Our self-proclaimed Foodie and founder, Ed Cederquist, travels the world for inspiration on our delicious entrées. Then our chefs hand-select the freshest ingredients and create artfully-prepared entrees, just for you. We freeze time so that once you are ready to enjoy, it’s as though we’ve just prepared each entree in your kitchen for you.

The best thing about bistroMD is that we operate off of integrity, which means we would not offer you something for your plate that we would not eat at our own dinner table ourselves. This means you won’t find any Trans fats, artificial colorings, MSG, chemical fillers, nitrates, added sulfites or the artificial sweetener aspartame in our entrees.

The plan

Here at bistroMD we have a plan.

We want to give you delicious and healthy food and still help you lose weight. Because we believe you don’t have to sacrifice great taste for nutrition. We give you the ability to once again enjoy what you are eating and trust that every bite is more than just delicious; it is perfectly designed for healthy weight loss.

With over 150 delicious ready to eat meals. You do not have to sacrifice your love of food while you satisfy your body's need to eat healthier.

We offer different programs to fit most lifestyles. Our programs focus on metabolism correction because we do not want you to just lose weight; we want you to keep it off for good.