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Most Unhealthy Food for Your Body

While some foods may taste great, they can undermine entire diet plans by themselves.

Most Unhealthy Food for Your Body

Whether you are on a diet or not, it’s always best to use caution when selecting certain foods to eat. For your health and for a better life, here is a list of some of the worst foods you will want to stay away from.


Most people think that smoothies can’t possibly be unhealthy. After all, they are made with fruit and yogurt, right?

Well, the next time you go to place your order, consider this: smoothies are often made with milk and ice cream and can contain a ton of sugar. Certain smoothie chains also make smoothies that can have as many calories as two Big Macs combined!

So, the next time you have a craving for fruit and yogurt, it may be best to keep them separate. Just a fruit smoothie, like a small strawberry, could contain as little as 250 calories, but still contains all of the right nutrition.

Blended Coffee Drinks

We could all use a pick me up during the long work day, but sometimes blended coffee drinks are often not worth the extra calories and fat.

Often, many blended coffee drinks can contain up to one-third of daily recommended intake of fat.

If you still need that pick me up from caffeine, you are better off drinking either a regular cup of coffee, or a cup of tea. Both don’t contain nearly as much fat, and are much lower in calories.


Pretzel Dogs

Sure, they may taste delicious, but aren’t worth the extra risk of raising your blood pressure.

Although you could classify a pretzel dog as an American staple, they often contain half of your daily recommended limit of fat and sodium.

Instead of combing both, opt for a regular pretzel, without the salt. You will cut your calories and fat by more than half!

Cinnamon Rolls

Often a favorite at many seasonal events and carnivals, eating just one cinnamon roll gets you close to your daily recommended calorie count per day, as well as your fat intake and sugar intake.

There are really no healthy alternatives to cinnamon rolls, as most are way too high in calories and fat. If your craving for a cinnamon roll is too difficult to ignore, see if the regular size is available in a mini.

Boneless Buffalo Wings

Some varieties of boneless buffalo wings can be low in calories, but most varieties do contain a ton of salt—much more salt than you should have in a single day.

If you still want to indulge in a little boneless buffalo, try making your own instead. Cook up chunks of lean chicken on the grill, and choose a marinade or flavor that is low in sugar and salt.