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The Cost of a Healthy Diet

The cost of a healthy diet can quickly add up, especially if you are really trying to watch what you eat.

The Cost of a Healthy Diet

It’s confirmed by economists and health researchers. The numbers, formulas and figures prove what you already know: it costs more to eat well!

How much more? Researchers at the University of Washington* found that at 1,500 calories a day, a healthy diet of nutritious, low-calorie foods now costs the average American $27.24! That’s just for the food ingredients!

And it certainly doesn’t consider quality-of-life issues like the value of your peace of mind and the relief from the stress and hassle of nutritional planning, going to the grocery store to shop, cooking or cleaning up. Those important intangibles are pretty hard to hang a number on.

Based on USDA data, Americans spend 5 or less hours a week driving to the store, shopping, preparing recipes, and cooking. With healthy and convenient meal delivery from BistroMD, this could be up to 5 hours more you could redeem for yourself. What’s the value of your time?

Add the value of your time to the aforementioned $27.24 cost for the food ingredients of a nutrient-dense, 1,500 calorie-per day diet, and you can clearly see that BistroMD can save you time and money, every single day.

But there’s one more thing to look at in terms of straight dollars and cents. The same University of Washington study looked at the other end of the food-cost scale, too, and found that people who don’t share your values about health and good living (or who just don’t know any better yet) really do spend less on food. In fact, someone consuming a daily diet of junk food can do that for as little as 10 percent of the food cost of eating well. Of course, they’re paying the price in fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, obesity and other diseases.

Eating a good diet — especially a good weight-loss diet — isn’t just about covering calories. If that was all that mattered to you, you could quickly and efficiently fuel your machine with any number of meal replacement beverage products, and you’ve probably tried a few.

Yet many diet meals are mass produced using exactly the kinds of additives and fillers you want to avoid. They achieve that nutrient balance with supplements and modern food chemistry, rather than using actual fresh foods in carefully created recipes.

Don’t be fooled. BistroMD uses real food, with menus planned by Dr. Cederquist and professional dietitians, and prepared by chefs, not chemists! It doesn’t cost the same because it’s NOT the same. With BistroMD, you’re paying for delicious, healthy food of uncompromising quality and professional credibility, not celebrity! You taste that difference in every bite! So what’s your dining pleasure worth to you?

So, you’re wondering if you’re actually getting the best value for your nutritional dollar.

We’re convinced BistroMD offers you the best health and dining value in home meal delivery for one simple reason: it’s just better, any way you look at it! When you can actually see the value of your time as money, you understand why spending as little as $19.49* a day our healthy and delicious meals can be a real bargain.

BistroMD puts experts in your kitchen. Our meals contain no MSG and no Trans Fats. We use hormone free meats and do not add extra fillers, preservatives or additives to enhance color, taste and texture. We rely on the natural, delicious tastes of well cooked food.

Meal plans start at $97* a week and include three meals a day. That's less than the cost of one restaurant dinner per night. Customers enjoy meals like Mixed Berry Crepes for breakfast, Mediterranean Chicken for lunch and Beef Bourguignon for dinner.

*Programs start as low as $97.46 for a 5-day lunches and dinners program. Starting price includes a first week discount of 25% off plus free shipping on your first week.

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