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The Best Healthy Lunches Delivered to Your Door

The best healthy lunches delivered to your door include delicious meals like a California-inspired wrap, and a healthy twist on a Philly cheese steak.

The Best Healthy Lunches Delivered to Your Door

If it’s time for you to start eating healthy lunches, then BistroMD definitely has your meal time covered.

Catch a Tasty Wave for Lunch with Our California-Inspired Wrap!

BistroMD’s California-Inspired Wrap is made from a whole wheat tortilla and is packed with a delicious helping of tasty turkey, crispy turkey bacon, and fresh avocado. Served with a healthy side of artichoke heart salad, this lunch is sure to make your day a bit more bright.

In case you didn't know, turkey is one of the best forms of protein you can get. Combined with healthy avocados, this lunch will definitely get your taste buds revved up.

Avocados are high in valuable monounsaturated fats and have a beneficial effect on blood serum cholesterol levels. A typical avocado has 60% more potassium than a banana and is an extremely high-fiber food choice. They are rich in vitamins B, E and K. BistroMD's California-Inspired wrap is a perfect marriage of great taste and nutrition. What could be a better way of spending your lunch.

A Healthy Lunch with a Classic Philly Twist

You don’t have to worry about the extra calories that come with a regular Philly cheese steak because BistroMD takes this traditional dish and makes it both delicious AND healthy.

This delicious staple in American culture has a rich and flavorful history, dating back to the early 1930’s in Philadelphia.

Two brothers, Harry Olivieri and Pat Olivieri, were Italian immigrants who sold hot dogs and sandwiches on a local corner of a busy Philadelphia intersection.

Tired of just selling hot dogs and sandwiches, Pat told Harry to go to a local butcher and buy some freshly sliced beef. Harry bought the beef, brought it back, and the brothers experimented with cooking the beef on the grill, and mixed it with onions.

To keep up their “sandwich” image, the brothers piled the freshly grilled beef and onions on some rolls and began serving it to different people.

Twenty years later, an employee of Harry and Pats grew tired of just the beef and onions, and decided to add come cheese to the mix.

The Philly cheese steak was born that day, and the sandwich has become a favorite of both Philadelphians and others across the country, alike.

We can’t offer quite the same recipe as Harry and Pat, but the BistroMD chefs have created a delicious Philly cheese steak inspired entrée that is both and healthy and delicious.

Instead of the traditional beef, our chefs take lean cuts of grilled chicken breast and simmer them in a sensational mix of Philly-inspired spices.

Once the chicken has been grilled to perfection, it’s blanketed with a julienne of bell pepper and crispy onion, and topped with a feather shred of part-skim mozzarella. To add some color to the plate, our chicken cheese steak is served with slow-roasted strips of shredded spaghetti squash.

Get a taste of Philly on your lunch break, and enjoy this delicious entree today!