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“Sweeten” Your Day with BistroMD’s Cinnamon Sweet Potato Pancakes

BistroMD's cinnamon sweet potato pancakes will satisfy your early-morning hunger for healthy and delicious pancakes.

“Sweeten” Your Day with BistroMD’s Cinnamon Sweet Potato Pancakes

If you love sweet potato pancakes, then you are going to love starting your day off right with BistroMD’s healthy version of this “sweet” breakfast dish.

Straight from the kitchen of our gourmet chefs, delivered right to your door, these sweet potato pancakes give you the healthy nutrition you need to start your day off right!

Our chefs weren’t the first to create these delicious potato pancakes. In fact, the sweet potato has been used in cuisine creations for centuries across the globe.

The sweet potato was first discovered in the New World back when Columbus and other Spanish explorers voyaged to parts of North and Central America in the 1400's.

The explorers discovered the sweet potato while voyaging to tropical islands in the Caribbean, and parts of Central and South America. In these times, the sweet potato was a very valuable crop in this tropical landscape, and provided a reliable source of food for natives of the West Indies and Peru.

Even though this is the first known discovery of sweet potatoes in modern time, historians believe that the sweet potato was a crop first cultivated by ancient Incas.

Several recent archaeological digs in Central America reveal a collection of ancient pottery believed to belong to the Incas. Evidence shows the pottery was actually used to serve sweet potatoes almost 5,000 years ago.

Even though the Incas were responsible for the successful cultivation of sweet potatoes, they didn’t invent the sweet potato pancake.

The first sweet potato pancakes were prepared almost 50 years ago, but they didn't become a popular breakfast choice until the early 1990’s.

With the recent trend of gluten-free diets sweeping across the country, and with people looking for different alternatives to wheat, potatoes and sweet potatoes are now being used as an alternative to wheat products in both popular and traditional recipes.

The chefs at BistroMD have put their own healthy spin on sweet potato pancakes, with a dish that is sure to make your morning that much sweeter.

Delivered right to your door for a healthy start to your day, BistroMD's sweet potato pancakes are dusted with a delicate coating of sweet cinnamon, and served with delectable sugar-free syrup. Accompanied by a low-fat turkey sausage patty, this breakfast dish is sure to satisfy your early-morning hunger, while helping you kick-start your day the healthy and delicious way!

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