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Success: A Triumph Over Weight Loss Issues!

A woman who has struggled with weight loss issues her entire life, shares her success story.

Success: A Triumph Over Weight Loss Issues!

At BistroMD, we know how many of our clients have struggled with weight loss issues their entire lives. It can be frustrating to find a diet plan that suits your special health needs, and that offers you great-tasting food with convenient delivery to your door.

We pride ourselves on being able to give you these options, and we applaud those who have been successful in their quest to lose weight and keep it off. Here are a few of our most unforgettable, inspirational and triumphant success stories:

Jerri's Life-Saving Battle...

Jerri Schlacter has had a tough time in her life. With the tragic loss of her husband, and an addiction to food, Jerri emotionally ate her way up the scale, until she decided to motivate herself to live better.

Jerri's husband was Mark, a supervisor for one of the vendors in her convenience store. There was sparks between them from the very beginning.

“When he came into my store, my co-workers and his co-workers knew that there was something between us. We would exchange glances, talk, and smile at each other. They knew they had to get us together.”

“One night, they actually arranged it so that Mark picked me up for an evening out with the whole staff, which I didn’t know about. After that evening out, we both knew that it was the start of something special.”

Besides being a super sweet guy, Jerri noticed that Mark loved taking her out to dinner. In fact, Mark took Jerri out to dinner too often.

After only a few months of dating, Mark proposed to Jerri one day over a romantic lunch. They eloped the same weekend, and began living a life together as husband and wife.

Their newlywed life together was short-lived when Mark’s health took a turn for the worse. Because he was so overweight, Mark passed away from heart complications on he and Jerri's eighth wedding anniversary.

“For at least a year after Mark’s death, I turned to food for comfort and dug myself into a hole of depression. I was physically and mentally sick, and it came to a point where I had to see a doctor for all the physical pain I was going through.”

After being in the blues and eating her way to becoming a diabetic, Jerri decided to research “weight loss programs” in Google one day.

Since Jerri lived alone with her dog, she needed to find a weight loss diet that was easy and convenient. After doing some research online, she came across BistroMD.

Jerri ordered her first week of meals from BistroMD, and has been on the program since July of 2010. After over a year of feeling hopeless and depressed, Jerri finally found a weight loss diet that worked for her.

“When I first started BistroMD, I weighed 220 pounds, and now I'm down to 200 pounds after just two months on the program. It’s amazing how much energy I have, and I'm exercising regularly for the first time in my life!”

Pamela's Constant Persistence...

At the age of 66, Pamela Heffernan goes to Zumba twice a week, sings with a tap-dancing senior choir, performs ballroom dances to her favorite Elvis songs, and doesn’t miss an episode of Dr. Phil.

For many years, Pamela led, what most would consider to be, the perfect life. She had a successful career, a devoted husband, and two wonderful sons, Brett and Randy. After years of bliss and happiness, Pamela’s family was hit with a sudden and terrifying circumstance that left their lives broken and fragile.

“My husband was suddenly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1973. This is when my struggle with weight really began. For many years, I acted as the primary caregiver. I took care of the children, I worked, and I kept a clean house. It was a difficult time, so I used food to cope with the stress and the pain. I became an emotional eater.”

As a child and as a young woman, Pamela never had a problem with weight until after she gave birth to her youngest son, and as she went through menopause in her late 40’s. These influences, combined with the sudden deaths of her husband and her son caused Pamela to put on more weight than she ever had. Before long, Pamela weighed over 200 pounds.

“Food was such a comfort to me. After a while, though, I just felt lazy and hopeless. I didn’t like the way I felt, and I decided that it was time to start taking care of myself again.”

Pamela found the solution to her weight loss problems by tuning in to one of her favorite shows.

As a dedicated fan of Dr. Phil, Pamela has never missed an episode, and took notice when the good doctor started endorsing a diet home delivery program called BistroMD.

“I thought, ‘if Dr. Phil recommends it, then it must be good,’ so I decided to give BistroMD a try.”

Since starting the program several months ago, Pamela has managed to lose 15 pounds, and she is more active than she has ever been.

Pamela is finally enjoying life again, and has been able to practice her favorite passions and hobbies that make life that much sweeter.

Pamela’s eight year old granddaughter, Lorelei, loves to play with her grandma. In the winter, they go sledding all day, and in the summer, they play outside for hours.

“Having the energy to play with Lorelei has brought me more joy than anything. She inspires me every day to keep going and to keep making healthier choices.”

Other than Elvis, singing, ballroom dancing, and playing with Lorelei, Pamela has found yet another source of happiness. It is something so good that when it arrives at her doorstep, she has to hide it from her friend, George.

“Sweet potato pancakes,” she says. “It's my favorite meal from BistroMD, and George is always trying to steal them from me.”

To start experiencing your own weight loss success with BistroMD, visit our FAQ page to learn more about our program.

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