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Prepared Meal Delivery Options

Choosing the Right One and Why they’re Actually Better for you.

Prepared Meal Delivery Options

Prepared meal delivery programs can be expensive. Are they worth it? Yes and here’s some of the reasons why:

You value your health. We want to help you achieve your weight-loss goals with our wellness-focused prepared meal delivery programs.

You value your money. We assure you that you’re getting the best bang for your nutritional buck when you order from a prepared meal delivery program.

And you value your time. We give you back reliable, quality time since we’ll be doing all the cooking for you.

Why should you look into a prepared meal delivery program?

Obesity is not only a growing problem in America; it’s slowly becoming the norm.

More than one-third of U.S. adults are obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In 2008, medical costs associated with obesity were estimated at $147 billion; the medical costs for people who are obese were $1,429 higher than those of normal weight, also according to the CDC.

Those statistics are scary and, unfortunately, at this rate, they’re just going to keep climbing up the obesity scale. That is why it’s important to look into prepared meal delivery programs.

Now you may be thinking: is a prepared meal delivery program really the better option to?

The answer is yes.

Researchers and clinicians from various disciplines unequivocally agree that those obesity numbers are not just rising due to self-indulgence or poor personal discipline. They have help from the least likely culprit: Restaurants.

Think about it. A lot more people are eating out than ever before. In 1978, just 18-percent of the calories Americans consumed were eaten away from home. By 2003, that was up to half. Imagine what it’s at now, ten years later, in 2013.

According to nutritional research, when almost any given dish you choose to prepare at home is compared to a restaurant dish of the same name, it is often not the same dish at all.

This is because restaurants tend to use more oils and fats, more sugar and more salt in their food preparation.  Restaurants believe, and rightfully so, that if the food is yummy, you’ll come back for more. Unfortunately, that tends to add up to a lot of extra calories you weren’t counting on before you walked in the door.

BistroMD: We’ve got your back.

With a prepared meal delivery program from bistroMD, we do the cooking for you. You also have much greater control over what you’re putting into your mouth.

Our chefs hand-select the freshest ingredients and create artfully-prepared entrees, just for you. We would not offer something for your plate that we would not eat at our own dinner table. This means you won’t find any Trans fats, artificial colorings, MSG, chemical fillers, nitrates, added sulfites or the artificial sweetener aspartame in our entrees.

We want you to enjoy what you’re eating and trust that every bite is more than just delicious; it is perfectly designed for healthy weight loss.

With our prepared meal delivery programs, you can customize your own menu and speak to our Registered Dieticians if you need additional guidance or have any additional questions after viewing our menu.