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A New Take on Picadillo

Picadillo is a dish filled with flavor and culture which is why is tastes great with our tasty plantains.

A New Take on Picadillo

Say goodbye to the banana as you know it and say “hello” to our wonderful Picadillo with Plantain recipe!

Straight from Central America right to your dinner plate, our picadillo will have you tasting a wide array of bold spices and cultural flavors!

Picadillo is a traditional meat dish that has been around for centuries. Many Latin-American cultures, as well as the Dominican Republic and the Philippines, have passed on picadillo recipes for thousands of years. Picadillo is probably most popular in Latin-American countries. Here, many of its citizens use picadillo as a good source of meat which is generally made up of ground beef, with various combinations of bold spices. These spices include cumin, oregano, garlic, peppers, and red onions. The spices will vary from culture to culture. Many countries even use picadillo as a stuffing.

Instead of using the traditional ground beef, our chef uses lean ground turkey to make our picadillo. The lean turkey is combined with finely chopped tomatoes, fresh garlic and onions, with bold regional spices that give the lean turkey just the right punch of spicy, but satisfying flavor.

Who said bananas could only do “splits?” Many of us associate bananas with breakfast, or as the missing companion to our ice cream. Our picadillo with plantain recipe is sure to put a new perception on the way you look at the banana. Plantains are a larger, firmer variety in the banana family and they are known in many Latin American countries as the “cooking banana.”

Plantains are a fun, flavorful side dish, and they are used by many different cultures to create a variety of flavorful dishes. Plantains are used most prominently in countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Honduras and Jamaica. In fact, they use the plantain like we use the potato. What makes plantains special is that they can be cooked at any stage of ripeness. In some of these countries, plantains are also ground up and made into flour so they can be used to cook other foods.

Today, plantains are fried, eaten raw, or even eaten as crisp and tasty chips. It is a bountiful fruit that keeps on giving us an extensive variety on the ways we can eat it. With plantains, the possibility of recipes is virtually endless!

To perfectly complement the boldness of our picadillo, our plantains are slightly sweetened by our chef. To finish off the dish, our chef garnishes both the picadillo and plantains with petite green peas and raisins. The combination of the bold spices in the picadillo, with the sweet, subtle flavors of the plantains is sure to give you a healthy, great-tasting dinner of international delights!