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Not All Calories Are Created Equal

By design each entree contains a balanced portion of lean, adequate protein, good doses of fiber, & the "right" kind of carbs. These elements are essential to a healthy diet and for living a long and healthy life.

Not All Calories Are Created Equal


There are lots of benefits of protein in your diet. Protein is necessary to build and maintain all of your body's structures, not just muscles. Although your body has the ability to store fat, it cannot store protein. What does this mean? The steak that you ate one night for dinner does not help your body when it needs fuel the following day.

If you do not receive protein consistently, your body breaks down lean body tissue and feeds off its lean muscle mass for energy. This perceived threat then slows down your metabolism! That is why a starvation diet isn't healthy - because the body has to feed off itself in order to burn fat. This can lead to all sorts of nutritional deficiencies and medical problems.


Carbs are like the big elephant in the room. We ignore them because we think they are bad. On the contrary, the "right type" of carbs form the basis of healthy nutrition.

We like to fill ourselves with EMPTY carbs. Did you know that most Americans are estimated to get 50 to 60 percent of their calories from carbohydrate sources? Simple carbs, like sugar, account for nearly 50 percent of these calories.

Complex carbs have a slower rate of digestion due to their fiber content and therefore are more slowly absorbed into the blood. Simple carbs are rapidly broken down in the body. This causes blood sugar to spike, causing the pancreas to release large amounts of insulin. Cells cannot absorb large amounts of insulin immediately so extra is converted into fat.

Complex carbs like black beans and lentils are great staples for your diet.


Many bistroMD meals also contain high-fiber foods which stay in the stomach longer and provide the body with bulk, but very few calories. This is why our portions leave you feeling full but not overstuffed.

Many of the side dishes in your entrees, like carrots, lentils, and beans contain good sources of soluble fiber. These foods are great because they also can help lower your risk of heart attack and stroke.

The high-fiber foods in your bistroMD diet are providing you with healthy complex carbs & keeping your blood sugar where it needs to be. Sides like cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and broccoli are rich in fiber and nutrients.