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Questions to Ask Considering Diet Meal Plan Delivery

Ask yourself these questions if you are considering a meal delivery service.

Have you been thinking about starting a diet delivery program and can’t decide if it’s the right plan for you? Here are some simple questions you can ask yourself to determine if BistroMD’s diet delivery program is the weight loss plan you’ve been looking for.

Do you find that cooking healthy meals is too time consuming?

If you can’t find the time to grocery shop, count calories in ingredients, and prepare foods in a healthy manner then a diet delivery program from BistroMD is just what you need. Our meal plan takes the hassle out of eating right. All you have to do is order the diet delivery plan, heat your meals in the microwave, and enjoy. You gain your time back as well as your health.

Have you tried other diets that left you hungry and unsatisfied?

Most of our clients have tried many other plans they didn’t like. Being on a diet that leaves you hungry and unsatisfied will not help you lose weight. Unhappy dieters often end up binge eating because they are depriving themselves of all the foods that taste good and fill them up. BistroMD dishes are served in large portions to keep you feeling full and to keep your metabolism up all day long.

Plus, with diet delivery from BistroMD, you eat every few hours. Two snacks a day are provided with the plan. You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight- eating balanced, calorie controlled meals will do the trick.

Do you like gourmet food?

Our diet delivery program is unique because the food is made from fresh ingredients and prepared by award-winning chefs. There is no powdered or freeze-dried food that you have to force down. This is a diet delivery plan that allows you to eat restaurant quality meals in your home while still losing weight.

Do you need flexibility in your diet plan?

BistroMD offers one night a week where you can eat whatever you like. Clients have said that they love this feature of the plan because it allows them to enjoy meals out with friends or to eat the one thing they’ve been craving all week. With the strict balanced meals on the other 6 days of the week, “My Night” is a great attribute of our program that lets you be flexible in your diet.

Do you try to eat healthy but still gain weight?

If you’ve done everything right and still can’t seem to lose those extra pounds, we can help. Many people don’t realize the small mistakes they make every day when trying to diet on their own. Foods claim to be healthy that aren’t and many diets are not well designed. Diet delivery from BistroMD was created by a doctor who specializes in weight loss. Each meal has been designed by her to ensure that you’re getting the right nutrients while also allowing your body to lose excess weight.