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How Healthy Meals Can Give You That Movie-Star Smile

Healthy meals can help you get a movie star smile, without spending thousands.

How Healthy Meals Can Give You That Movie-Star Smile

Many of us crave that movie-star smile, but what most of us fail to realize is that healthy meals can have a direct effect on our pearly whites.

Instead of paying your trusted dentist to bleach, straighten, and tighten your treasured teeth, you should start by taking a look at some of the foods you eat.

A healthy diet can mean more for you besides good health. By eating the right combinations of healthy meals and by clinching your thirst with healthier drink alternatives, you can give yourself that movie star smile without spending a ton of money.

Tea for Better Teeth

If you find yourself sipping on your favorite Starbucks coffee more than twice a day, you need to back off on the coffee and reach for tea more often.

Tea is less likely to stain your treasured smile, and it is also packed with polyphenols, which are antioxidant plant compounds that prevent plaque from adhering to your teeth. What’s great about these compounds is that they can actually prevent your teeth from getting cavities, and are great at preventing plaque buildup.

Teas like green tea and black tea also provide you with a good amount of fluoride, so the need to brush your teeth more often between meals will be somewhat less of a necessity.

Calcium is Key

When your mother told you to drink more milk because it would help your teeth stay bright and strong, she wasn’t kidding.

Besides being great for your health and your bones, milk can help improve your smile because it gives you calcium. Since over 90% of calcium is located in your bones and teeth, it is important that you keep your stock by drinking more milk and eating calcium-rich foods.

It is best to drink low-fat milk because it has less lactose, but you can also eat low-fat yogurt if milk is not your drink of choice.

To get those stronger teeth if you are lactose intolerant, it is important to incorporate a calcium supplement into your diet so your body still gets the calcium it needs, and your teeth can still have that movie-star smile.

Fiber for Friendly Smiles

Eating raw, fiber rich foods is also another healthy meal choice that can improve your smile and strengthen your teeth.

When you eat raw vegetables and fruits like carrots and apples, this causes your mouth to salivate more which helps neutralize acids within the mouth.

Most of these high-fiber fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, so they help rinse off your teeth if you do not have time to brush them.

Be careful of citrus fruits, though. Even though they may contain fiber, they do contain a lot of acid which can weaken your enamel.

Plan for Protein

Protein is the building block for your bones and your teeth, so it is important that you choose meals that contain a good amount of protein.

If your teeth get a good amount of protein from the healthy meals you eat, your teeth will be much stronger and appear more vibrant.

If you plan on having protein in many of your meals, you are actually helping your teeth build stronger and sturdier enamel. According to a recent study by USC, protein in teeth controls bone-like crystals to from steely enamel for better protection.

By eating more protein, you are helping your teeth build stronger enamel and you will also have a healthier and brighter smile.

The next time you decide you want to reach for that dyed and sugary drink, or reach for that crunchy candy bar to curb your afternoon snack craving, think about your teeth.

You can still get the smile you want without spending the extra money.

All you have to do is watch what you eat!

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