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How a Healthy Diabetes Diet Can Change the World...

Diabetes cases are steadily growing and a diabetes diet may be the best preventable measure.

How a Healthy Diabetes Diet Can Change the World...

2050 may seem many, many years down the road, but those suffering from diabetes won’t be the only ones going through the difficult task of living with the condition.

Right now, it is estimated that about 24 million people are living with diabetes in the United States.

Millions of people are affected by diabetes every year, and this number is expected to grow three-fold over the course of 40 years.

In a recent study by The Centers for Disease Control it was revealed that one in three Americans will have diabetes by the year 2050. This statistic may be alarming for 2050, but there is something else that is even more alarming that is happening right now.

Currently, 6 million people in this country could be living with diabetes and don’t even know they have it. Due to an increase in obesity rates, nearly 57 million Americans are actually headed for diabetes, and many of these people are even pre-diabetic. The main causes of these growing cases; you guessed it: poor diet, lack of exercise, and obesity.

All of these things are preventable, so why aren’t we taking the steps to prevent it? The answer is simple: inconvenience and time.

If dieting and exercising were easy, we would be living in a world where t-shirt sizes wouldn’t be any larger than a medium, and carrots would replace candy as the number one snack of choice.

In a society that promotes a fast-pace, it is hard to take the time to really look out for yourself. Fast food, convenient stores, home delivery; these are all things that keep us transfixed on options that encourage an unhealthy lifestyle. These are also things that make it easy for more and more people to develop diabetes.

Many people are under the impression that diabetes just causes your body to produce less insulin, and that is the only effect it has on your body. Other than slowing down your body’s production of insulin, diabetes also adds fuel to the fires of other problematic health conditions.

Diabetes is one of the top causes of blindness, lower limb amputations, heart attacks, stroke, dementia, and cancer. These are scary realities, but you can prevent yourself from getting diabetes by sticking to your guns, and taking the necessary steps to live healthier.

In our fast-paced world, time always seems to be an issue. If time is what you are lacking, you can still have food delivered to your door that is healthy and nutritionally balanced for a diabetes diet.

Exercising may seem simple in theory, but one of the reasons why most people fail at it is because they lack the motivation to remove themselves from the their computer or television screen.

Society encourages all of us to be lazy, but you don’t have to be. If you want to prevent the statistics of 2050 from becoming a reality, just think about the future a little. If you are on the verge of becoming diabetic, would you not want to pass on healthy knowledge that could prevent one of your family members from having to deal with the condition their entire life?

Keep this in mind the next time you don’t feel like exercising. You don’t have to exercise every day, just enough so you can get on a regular routine that will help keep your weight and blood pressure stabilized.

2050 is a long time from now, but you can take the necessary steps by eating a diabetes diet in combination with a balanced exercise routine.

Although some increases in diabetes cases are inevitable, you can lead your own resistance against the inevitable by staying motivated, eating healthy, and encouraging others to do the same.