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High Energy Foods for Health and Weight Loss

"You are what you eat," might sound cliché, but the dated phrase does hold some truth, especially when exploring how the body uses energy from food. Try these best and worst foods for weight loss and energy will keep your body running efficiently and effectively!

High Energy Foods for Health and Weight Loss

"You are what you eat," might sound cliché, but the dated phrase does hold some truth, especially when exploring how the body uses energy from food. The fundamentals of higher self-image and esteem, energy and stamina all circle back to the type and quality of food you choose to consume.

Basically, you can think of food as the fuel or gasoline into a car - the quality of the gas or oil prompts the car to operate as a well-oiled machine. So when it comes to food and the body, healthy high energy foods can keep it nourished and performing at a heightened level. To fully boost health and initiate weight loss or maintenance, keep quantity in mind. Despite its healthful attributions, high energy food still supplies to the total calorie tank. And when the body is over fueled with food, excess calories become stored as fat through complex processes...

...but as a concise explanation: When meals and snacks are consumed, the digestive system converts the food into energy. The energy supplies and mechanics all body processes including the movement of extremities, the blinking of eyelids, the breathing of lungs, the pumping of blood and any other bodily functions that comes to mind. But after the body uses what energy is needed, the surplus is stored.

Though you may be wondering "What does digestion have to do with high energy foods and weight loss?" the answer ultimately comes down to fueling the body with the highest quality foods, ensuring energy and health optimization. These best and worst foods for weight loss and energy will keep your body running efficiently and effectively!

Best Foods for Weight Loss and Energy

Whole Grains
Healthy carbs are the body's preferred, primary fuel source. The intake of whole wheat breads, brown rice and cereal not only offers high dietary fiber and nutrients, but sustains energy levels. Since whole grain products are absorbed at a slower rate compared to concentrated sweets, they can keep blood sugars and energy running at a stable rate.

Citrus Fruits
The aroma of citrus fruits alone is alerting. A freshly-peeled orange, lime or lemon can flood a sense of freshness and invigoration. Simply bite or squeeze into water - the fresh juice not only awakens the senses, but the water can support hydration.

Most nuts are considered to be a healthy fat source, ultimately landing themselves as a high energy food - considering fat offers 9 calories per one gram and carbohydrate and protein offers only 4 calories per one gram. However, the density of nuts offer satiation and can uphold energy levels. Be sure to stick to a small palm full of pecans, walnuts, cashews or your other favorite nuts!

Dark Chocolate
Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Dark chocolate contains theobromine, a stimulant similar to caffeine, just not as potent (but the darker the chocolate, the higher the theobromine content). Keep a bar readily available at your desk when a pick-me-up is needed or desired. Maintain serving and portion sizes by practicing mindful eating techniques - taking time to enjoy the flavor, texture and aroma. Allowing it to melt in the mouth on its own time offers satisfaction without the temptation to reach for more.

No, gum is not technically a food... But smelling or chewing on mint can enhance memory along with stimulate alertness and attentiveness. Researchers have suggested chewing on a piece of gum while preparing for an exam and during the test itself may lead to improved scores.

Worst Foods for Weight Loss and Energy

Greasy Breakfast Foods
Despite the enticement of bacon and sausage with your morning coffee, greasy meats can leave you feeling groggy - an undesired way to start your day! The body tends to focus its attention on digesting the heavy food, thus comprosing energy to other body functions. If struggling for healthful breakfast ideas, check out these 11 healthful options!

While reaching for that candy bar may be an initial response for quick energy, doing so can be detrimental to both health and energy levels. Concentrated sweets essentially offers nothing more than calories and sugar while spiking sugar levels. Despite the immediate energy or "sugar rush" you may feel, energy levels can drop just as quickly as they spiked.

Soft Drinks
The intake of sugary, soft drinks may be one of worst foods for weight loss and energy. Even though candy bars are loaded with sugar, eating food may withhold satiety better than a drink. Drinking concentrated juices and sodas supply nothing more than sugar and calories. Also be cautious of energy drinks, as they tend to be loaded with sugar.

Though alcohol is not a food product, heavy consumption may lead to unhealthful food selections. On top of poor choices, the morning after effects can certainly disrupt energy levels and productivity. So if you are to enjoy alcohol, it is recommended men consume no more than two drinks per day while women are limited to one drink.

Though the identified foods can act as a catalyst for energy and weight loss, the totality of the diet takes supremacy. If you want to start filling your tank with the right amount of fuel, as well as the right kind, bistroMD knows just the trick. Our menu is doctor-designed and chef-prepared consisting of 1,100-1,400 calories daily with 40-50% total caloric intake from lean, adequate protein, 20-25% of calories from healthy fats, and 30-35% from complex carbohydrates. Nutritious meals arriving straight to your doorstep allows more time to direct your energy from the kitchen to your favorite life moments!