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Top 6 Healthy Yogurt Bowls (with Bonus Ideas!)

Yogurt bowls are the perfect way to start any day. Find out how to make six delicious yogurt power bowl dishes right in the comfort of home!

Top 6 Healthy Yogurt Bowls (with Bonus Ideas!)

If there was ever a true superfood, yogurt is a powerful pick!

Light and fit yogurt can be easily elevated with healthy yogurt toppings like homemade granola to create the ultimate yogurt bowl. Try these protein, calcium, and probiotic-packed yogurt bowl ideas to kickstart the morning routine.

Read on for delicious, light, fit, and healthy yogurt power bowl ideas sure to please!

Delicious List of 6 Yogurt Bowls

Yogurt bowls are the perfect way to start the day. Flavored yogurts, even ones made with real fruit, can be sugar-packed or full of artificial sweeteners that are not much healthier. Homemade yogurt power bowls are much healthier than store-bought varieties.

Plain yogurt is best according to dietitians and nutrition experts. Greek-style yogurts are also an excellent source of nutrients. Plant-based or non-dairy yogurts can also be great options as long as they are not too high in added sugar or saturated fat.

Here are six delicious yogurt power bowl dishes to try at home.

1. Hydrating Yogurt & Watermelon Bowl

Elevate a watermelon and yogurt parfait by making it into a power bowl.

The ultimate power play? Pair 3/4 cup plain yogurt and 1 cup of cubed watermelon with honey and pistachios for a sweet, unexpected combination of flavors.

2. Nutty Monkey Yogurt Bowl

Go nuts over this incredibly easy-to-construct Greek yogurt bowl. Add the following on top of 3/4 cup Greek yogurt for a breakfast bowl:

• 1/2 banana
• 1 Tbsp nut butter
• 1 Tbsp cacao powder
• Drizzle with honey (limit to 1 Tbsp)

3. Berry Powerful Plant-Based Yogurt Bowl

Feel the flora and fauna with this antioxidant-rich yogurt mix. Instead of exact science, this bowl can be crafted and customized as desired.

Simply top 3/4 cup plant-based yogurt with a handful of frozen or fresh mixed berries, and add a spoonful of nuts or nut- and oat-based granola.

4. "This Bowl Is Bananas Split!"

As the name suggests, a banana split yogurt bowl is quite the party. Powerful and protein-packed, this bowl is a mix of the following ingredients:

• 3/4 cup plain yogurt
• 1/4 cup strawberries, sliced
• 1/4 cup pineapple chunks
• 1/4 cup peanuts

Crumble some freeze-dried fruit on the top for a sprinkle-inspired look!

5. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Yogurt Bowl

Eat dessert first with this appetizing yogurt power bowl. Fresh strawberries add a natural sweetness and flavor without needing anything artificial.

Simply mix 1 tablespoon of cacao powder into 3/4 cup plain Greek yogurt, then add sliced strawberries and a dash of cinnamon on top for a tasty treat.

6. Peanut Butter Cup Power Bowl

Move over chocolate and peanut butter, because there is a new dynamic duo! Yogurt and nut butter combine in a power bowl to keep a feeling of satisfaction lasting long after the bowl is empty.

Assemble easily by mixing 3/4 cup plant-based, non-dairy yogurt with 1 tablespoon cacao powder, then top with the following as desired:

• 1/2 banana
• 1 Tbsp peanut butter
• Sprinkle dark chocolate chips

Healthy Yogurt Toppings

To top the yogurt power bowl off, there are many tasty additions. Try the following for added power to the already nutrient-packed yogurt bowl:

• Fresh or frozen fruit (i.e. berries or bananas)
• Vanilla extract
• Sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg
• Light sprinkle of brown sugar, honey, agave, or another sweetener

Protein Plus Healthy Fats for Fullness

Whole, raw, or chopped nuts are a great addition to yogurt bowls. Look for unsalted varieties to keep the power bowl heart-protective.

Seeds are also full of protein, healthy fat, and even more nutrients. Flax, pepita, and chia seeds are excellent additions that can up the vitamin and mineral content of any yogurt bowl recipe.

Mix nuts, seeds, and oats together with a small amount of honey or maple syrup for an easy, homemade, nutrient-rich granola mix.

Try Dried Toppings

Unsweetened dried fruit can be another way to start the day outright. Add one of the following to a yogurt bowl, and keep amounts of dried fruit at 1/4 cup or lower to make sure the bowl stays balanced:

• Dried cranberries
• Currants
• Dried cherries
• Chopped dates
• Shredded or toasted coconut
• Raisins

Natural Sweeteners to Drop on Top

Here is a list of naturally sweet toppings to drizzle on top of yogurt bowls without losing any of the power to sugar-sweetened treats:

• Honey
• Maple syrup
• Agave nectar
• Chopped dates
• Cinnamon or nutmeg
• Fresh fruit

Bonus Yogurt Bowl Ideas

Simple healthy food substitutes for weight loss can be both easy and full of flavor. For example, trading nonfat, fruit-flavored yogurt for plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit can instantly increase protein, fiber, and vitamin content. These nutrients are crucial for creating the feeling of fullness that follows a meal.

Try these out-of-the-box yogurt power bowl ideas to get the most potential from your yogurt:

Elevate Yogurt Bowls with Overnight Oats

Overnight oats with greek yogurt creates a rich, creamy, flavorful, protein and probiotic-packed bowl.

The probiotics will keep the gut feeling great all day long. In addition, probiotics help the immune system stay strong and supported.

Do a Dollop of Nut Butter to Make Your Bowl Even Better

Nut butters are often easier to digest than whole nuts, and when combined with probiotic-packed yogurt can be delicious and digestion-friendly. Popular favorites include almond, cashew, or peanut butters.

Bonus points if the nut butter is homemade or only contains nuts and salt as the ingredients!

Add Homemade Seasoning To Spice Up Yogurt

Healthy food still deserves to have a delicious flavor, but not at the expense of overall health. Homemade seasoning blends are the perfect way to top yogurt bowls with tasteful ingredients.

Try the following homemade blends on a yogurt bowl:

• Gingerbread spice
• Chai spice
• Pumpkin spice

The Bottom Line

Yogurt power bowls are a great way to begin the day. When made with nutrient-rich yogurts such as low-fat, non-fat, plain, Greek-style, or unsweetened plant-based varieties, bowls become powerful and nutrient-rich.

Elevate health with favorite toppings or combine unexpected flavors for the ultimate power move!


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