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The Best Toppings For Healthy & Fun Toast

Whether satisfying a sweet tooth or craving a savory bite, these healthy and fun toast ideas are anyone’s answer!

The Best Toppings For Healthy & Fun Toast

Toast is one of the simplest forms of breakfast in many cultures around the world. Recently avocado toast has become a trendy choice at restaurants and cafes that is often associated with focus on wellness. These fancy avocado toast options are nutritionally a step up from simple white bread toast with jam.

Toast is actually a perfect vessel for many types of toppings and can even make a satisfying, high-protein meal or snack. If something new or different is wanted, there are many ways to combine different flavors and textures to make a fun toast the whole family will love.

While avocado toast is a delicious and nutritious option for a meal or snack, read below to find other best toppings for toast that go well beyond the avocado.

Breakfast Toast Ideas

First thing's first for breakfast toast: start with a whole grain bread option. This will add fiber to the meal to keep you feeling full long after eating. White bread and other refined flours can spike blood sugar after eating then send it crashing down. The surge and crash can cause hunger to come again long before lunchtime.

Likewise, toast toppings expand beyond the typical sugary jelly. While jam or jelly is fine to eat with toast sometimes, think about adding an extra topping that provides protein and heart-healthy fats. This again will ensure breakfast toast keeps you feeling full for more than what can feel like mere minutes.

Examples of breakfast toast ideas and protein spreads include:

Classic: Peanut butter with cut up apple slices or bananas with a dash of cinnamon

Mediterranean: Ricotta cheese with pistachios and chopped dates

Italian: Melted mozzarella cheese with sliced tomatoes and fresh basil 

Trendy: Mashed avocado with sliced hard-boiled egg and everything bagel seasoning

Healthier Sweet Treat: Homemade Nutella with smashed berries and a sprinkle of chia seeds

High-Protein Toast

For toast that will fill you up any time of the day, consider bumping up the protein content. Adding in protein sources will provide extra satiety and building blocks to help maintain lean muscle mass. Instead of just thinking of one topping, consider using two toast toppings that are high in protein. Continue to use the whole grain bread option for higher protein content as well.

High protein toast options can include:

• Ricotta cheese with two sliced hard-boiled eggs and everything bagel seasoning

• Plain Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with sliced strawberries, a drizzle of honey, and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds

• Melted cheese with sauteed mushrooms and turkey sausage

• Scrambled eggs or tofu scramble with tomatoes and peppers 

• Hummus spread with cooked, diced chicken and veggies

Fun Toast Ideas

Want to elevate your toast game or surprise young family members? These fun toast options break the mold of traditional toast and can be a fun shake-up for anyone. Many of these fun toasts are a traditional staple in different parts of the world which adds an extra element of fun to try.

Rainbow sprinkles fairy toast can be a fun colorful surprise option for toast. Who does not love sprinkles?

Dutch hagelslag toast is basically a delicious toast with melted butter and chocolate shavings. 

Malaysian kaya toast is a traditional Malaysian way to eat toast topped with a thick, coconut, egg caramel-like jam.

Dulce de Leche toast can be a common breakfast in Uruguay and Argentina. Simply top toast with dulce de leche and add optional sliced banana on top.

Whipped ricotta toast with marinated tomatoes is an elevated, yet simple toast idea. The whipped ricotta makes an extra creamy toast topping that can be paired with a number of sweet or savory additional toppings. In fact, an interactive, personalized option can be to make a whipped ricotta toast board so everyone can pick their own toast toppings.

Animal face toast can be made with simple spreads like nut butter, cream cheese, or Nutella. Thinly sliced bananas, strawberries, and blueberries can be added to make various animal faces that will make anyone smile.

The Final Spread on Healthy Toast

Healthy toast ideas are anything but boring, as it can be a vessel for a satisfying and nutritious meal. Avocado toast is what many think of as a nutritional yet fun toast option, but there are so many other best toast toppings to add variety.

The base for a toast that will keep you feeling full is to start with whole grain bread and add toppings that also provide fiber, protein, or healthy fats. For example, soft cheeses, nut butters, fruits, nuts/seeds, or homemade Nutella are some examples of healthful, delicious toppings.

A higher protein toast can provide even more satiety and be a filling meal or snack anytime of the day. High protein toast toppings include meats, cheeses, eggs, hummus, seeds, or scrambled tofu. 

Lastly, if looking for something fun, toast can also be the answer with unique, globally-inspired toppings!