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Health Drinks: Embrace These Feel-Great Drinks!

Health drinks come in many varieties and can be added to your diet plan for optimal nutrition.

Health Drinks: Embrace These Feel-Great Drinks!

Tomatoes, oranges, chocolate and tea may not be great combined, but they each make a perfect drink to get you on track toward better health. In fact, most of these health drinks can reduce your risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and can just put you in a better mood. Here is a list of some of the best health drinks that can satisfy your thirst for feeling better…

Taste the Tea Varieties

Health experts usually tell you to, “drink more water,” but there are other health drinks that can have multiple health benefits. Next time you feel thirst coming on, look into all of the different tea varieties, especially certain types in particular.

Green tea is not only refreshing, but it is a health drink packed with multiple health benefits. Green tea is packed with multiple antioxidants, which can help prevent osteoporosis, and even prevent cancer-growing tumors from invading the body. The tea's antioxidants may also guard against heart disease by relaxing blood vessels, which can inhibit the formation of blood clots that trigger heart attacks and strokes. Green tea also contains fluoride, which will keep your pearly whites healthy and strong.

The next healthy tea is of the mint variety. Mint tea is great because it can help ease abdominal cramps and ward off indigestion. Mint is antispasmodic which means it can help relax your muscles and combat muscle aches and stiffness. It can also aide in digestion by promoting healthier movement of food in your digestive tract.

Milk and Hot Chocolate Go a Long Way…

Many of us don’t usually associate milk and hot chocolate as one of the best health drinks, but surprisingly they can have a variety of great health benefits.

One percent reduced fat milk can actually help curb food cravings and help prevent osteoporosis. This type of milk actually has all of the good components of a well-balanced meal which means it has a healthy combination of carbohydrates, protein, and a little fat. Your body takes longer to absorb this type of milk, so you are sure to feel fuller longer. Other than being an ideal source of calcium, milk can also stabilize your blood sugar and help your body stop storing fat. The calcium in the milk can actually cause your body’s cells to burn the fat instead of holding on to it.

Soy milk is also a healthy drink, and it has a lot of health benefits. Soy milk contains soluble fiber and soy protein which lowers bad cholesterol levels and reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease. Soy milk is healthy, but it also contains photoestrogens, which may be linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. You should consult your doctor if you have a family history of the disease, or if you have had the disease yourself before drinking soy milk.

For those people who tell you that hot chocolate can’t be good for you, you should tell them to drink more of it. Hot chocolate is said to improve your mood and reduce your risk of heart disease. Chocolate actually encourages your body to produce more serotonin, which directly regulates your mood. Cocoa is also abundant in a certain antioxidant that can actually protect cells from oxidative damage that can lower good cholesterol levels. Without this antioxidant protection from cocoa, you could possibly be putting yourself at higher risk of a heart attack.