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Get To Know Your Cranberries

5 things you need to know about cranberries and antioxidants! By BistroMD!

Get To Know Your Cranberries

Cranberries are known for their vibrant deep red color, and for their sweet and succulent taste. But, did you know that cranberries are also a source of good health?

For as long as they have been a crop, cranberries have been used as fruit to cure many ailments and illnesses. In fact, Native Americans often used cranberries to treat a variety of health conditions, including bladder and kidney diseases.

One of the most recent revelations about cranberries is that they can actually be a preventative measure for UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections). Scientists believe that cranberries actually prevent bacteria from attaching to the walls of the urinary tract.

Listed below are a few more benefits that cranberries are mostly known for.

1. Cranberries Are Rich in Antioxidants.

You’ve heard it a million times but is it true? Yes!

Cranberries, especially fresh ones, really do have a lot of antioxidants. Cranberries even have more than blueberries, nature’s other antioxidant rich fruit.

The antioxidants in cranberry juice are called proanthocyanidins, and they help prevent bacteria such as E. coli, the leading cause of bladder infections, from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract.

2. Cranberries Are Better Eaten Fresh.

Need we say this? For the best taste, and highest nutritional content, stick with fresh cranberries. Fresh berries have more antioxidants and less sugar than their canned cousins.

3. Dried Cranberries Have More Sugar.

Don’t be surprised to find that dried cranberries often have more added sugar.

Most people don’t think that dried cranberries are sweet enough, sans sugar, so they almost always come suggar added. The sugar content comes close to that of raisins: 18 grams per serving.

4. Cranberries Keep Well When Frozen.

Upset that fresh cranberries are only available in the fall? Lucky for you, frozen cranberries will keep for nearly a year.

Their high acidity content prevents spoilage. So, fear not!

If you stock up on cranberries in the fall season, you should be set for the entire year.

5. Cranberries Go Great With Just About Everything!

Now that you know how great they are for you, feel free to include them in your recipes.

Use cranberries instead of blueberries in muffins; stir cranberries into an apple crisp, or serve them on top of your favorite cereal.

With all of these great nutritional benefits, cranberries are definitely one of nature's most beatutiful and beneficial fruits!