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23 Foods That Are Healthy & Not Boring

Many times you have played with the idea of "healthy eating" around in your head. But the thought "boring" and "tasteless" foods keeps that idea locked within and unleashed. Cut those misconceived ties with these 23 foods that are healthy and not boring!

23 Foods That Are Healthy & Not Boring

Many times you have played with the idea of "healthy eating" around in your head. But the thought of loading up meal plates and snack bags with "boring" and "tasteless" foods keeps that idea locked within and unleashed. But commonly, individuals attribute such "quotation mark" words to nutritious foods without realizing the attached strings are actually perceived. Cut those misconceived ties with these 23 foods that are healthy and not boring!

Top Healthy Foods

Though their bad reputation may have discouraged their intake in the past, grains can certainly fit into a healthful diet! Swap out refined, processed flours and products with dynamic grains.

1. Oats
Though filled with fiber and nutrients, individuals may not be fulfilled with its use. Bring oatmeal back to morning routines with these convenient, overnight oats recipes!

2. Quinoa
Quinoa is thought to be a golden child, as it displays the versatility of a grain while being a complete protein. Quinoa can be used in soups, salads, breads, or swapped into traditional rice-based dishes.

3. Popcorn
Though skipping out on butter and salt may seem like a boring movie night snack, popcorn can be transformed with favorite seasonings. Reduce salt and fat content by sprinkling on cinnamon and cocoa powder, fresh herbs and parmesan cheese, or with BBQ and ranch seasonings!

"I like fruit but they contain too much sugar..." While fruits contain natural sugar, they also provide nutrients and fiber! Take a bite out of naturally-sweetened, vibrant fruits.

4. Blueberries
Blueberries award themselves not only on their vibrant color, but their boasting antioxidant content. You will not be feeling very "blue" when this powerful berry gets thrown into oats, smoothies, yogurts, or simply enjoyed on their own!

5. Watermelon
Mostly compromised of water like its name suggests, watermelon is a luscious fruit to satisfy thirst on a warm day. Though desired mostly on its own, these 11 delicious watermelon recipes are sure to please!

6. Apples
Bite into or slice up an apple! Pair with your favorite nut butter, add to yogurt, or enjoy these fall-inspired, healthified apple treats. Additionally, give these three healthy, homemade applesauce recipes a try.

7. Oranges
Packed with vitamin C, oranges are a refreshing citrus fruit. Add oranges or squeeze fresh orange juice into smoothies, breakfast muffins, or atop of Thai-inspired rice dishes!

8. Bananas
Bananas are much more than potassium within a peel. They land themselves on the opposite end of the boring scale as they are quite versatile - baked into muffins, smashed into pancake batter, mixed into smoothies, or simply enjoyed on their own with a dollop of favorite nut butter!

Even at a low-calorie cost, stay wealthy in vitamins and minerals with colorful veggies.

9. Peppers
Coming in a variety of colors, peppers offer vibrancy to meals at all times - added to omelets and burritos for breakfast, wraps and salads for lunch, and tacos and stuffed peppers for dinner.

10. Kohlrabi
Add a unique flair to foods with this unique vegetable! Kohlrabi delivers a texture similar to cabbage and broccoli stems and can be enjoyed both cooked or in its raw form. Learn how to cook and prepare that mysterious vegetable here.

11. Cabbage
Tired of the drab shredded lettuce? Swap it out with cabbage! Naturally featured in green, white, red, and purple variety, its use offers vibrancy to food products along with added crunch. Mix cabbage into salad, atop of sandwiches, in fish tacos, or prepare one of these unique, healthified slaw recipes.

12. Spaghetti Squash
This noodle-like plant limits carbs and calories while mostly withholding the diversity of standard spaghetti. If needing inspiration, look no further than these 10 ways to eat spaghetti squash!

Dairy Products

13. Cottage Cheese
Though eating on its own may not be completely desired, there are fun ways to use this calcium-rich product! Pair with fresh fruit, add into pastas for creaminess, or mix into smoothies to accelerate protein content.

14. Greek Yogurt
Compared to traditional yogurts, Greek yogurt is exceptionally high in protein. Choosing plain Greek yogurt also amplifies its versatility, as it can be used within both savory and sweet products. Use Greek yogurt to top tacos, mix into smoothies, or prepared into dips.

15. String Cheese
Have your cheese and eat it, too! Most people believe they have to give up their beloved cheese when starting to diet. But string cheese is valuable not only related to its nutrients, but how its nutritionally portioned. The convenient serving size will keep protein and healthy fats in balance by eliminating the opportunity to overeat on a large cheese block.

Animal Proteins and Products

16. Chicken
Though chicken breasts and a side of broccoli may seem like the answer to weight loss, its intake each day may get a little boring. Chicken is not only versatile in its preparation method, but how it can be seasoned and served. Shake things up with these 63 best chicken dinner recipes!

17. Lean Beef
Filled with protein and iron, beef certainly lands itself on the "healthy" list despite its saturated fat content. When choosing beef, go for a leaner product such as sirloin. Add ground beef into spaghetti, stuffed peppers, eggs, and tacos or use strips of beef for Asian stir fries, steak salads, or paired with roasted veggies! 18. Eggs.
Scrambled, sunny-side up, or hard boiled… Eggs are quite versatile and certainly should not be run away from due to their cholesterol content. Eggs pair well with veggies of all sorts and can compliment salads.

19. Fish
Fish is an excellent lean protein that tends to offer healthy omega-3 fatty acids. One of the greatest aspects of fish is its wide diversity, as fish comes from a vast array of numerous bodies of water. From tuna, to trout, to catfish, exploring the different types of fish encourages a "foodie" adventure!

20. Oysters
Open up the shell to a nutrient-dense, protein-filled exploratory food! Oysters might not be the most desirable to all, but giving them a try can be a fun approach in broadening food preferences. Oysters are well-rounded with carbohydrate, protein, and healthful fats!

Seeds, Nuts, and Oils

21. Chia Seeds
Mostly noticed for their omega-3 fatty acid content, chia seeds offer a unique twist to textures. Once complimented with a liquid, they present a gelatinous mouth feel while offering crunch in their raw form. Ready to explore the diversity of chia seeds? Check out an extensive list of recipes here!

22. Pecans
The rich flavor of pecans allows for it to compliment and exist in both savory and sweet recipes. Like most nuts, it is a valuable healthy fat source and nutrient-dense. Throw into oatmeal, yogurt, and salad or create a pecan-encrusted chicken. Also check out a healthful spin on that beloved pecan pie!

23. Olive Oil
The promotion of olive oil keeps accelerating based on its health benefits such as regulating blood sugars and reducing the risk of heart disease. Its use not only contributes to good health, but enhances flavors of various products including dressings, sauces, and marinades for salads, roasted veggies, chicken, etc.