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Foods for Diabetics

Foods for Diabetics by BistroMD was developed by Dr. Cederquist to help make healthy eating and living with diabetes easier.

Foods for Diabetics

If you have recently been diagnosed with Type-II diabetes, you are probably wondering what foods there are for diabetics. You may have heard that you cannot have sugar or that you have to cut-out all of your favorite foods. Relax, continue reading and you will discover that diabetics still have a wide selection of foods available to them, so long as they eat in moderation.

Your doctor likely explained to you that losing weight can help with your Type-II diabetes. To lose weight, you will need to significantly reduce your calorie intake as well as exercise. Your doctor can explain to you how many calories you should be eating each day to ensure that you have a healthy diet plan. Cutting calories does not mean, though, that you will have to cut all good tasting foods out of your diet. You just have to be sensible, stay away from the fast food joints, and not overeat

Certain small changes to the foods that they eat can help diabetics tremendously. A change from sugar to an artificial sweetener can cut calories and changing from whole milk to fat free milk can reduce the fat in the diet. Limiting portion sizes is another good idea, especially considering that Americans do not know what a healthy portion is, in large part due to the large restaurant portions that we are served. These small changes can add up over time.

As more and more people are being diagnosed with diabetes, special foods have come on the market tailored specifically for them. You can find food at the store that is labeled "sugar free" or "diabetic safe." Even so, it can be extremely difficult deciding what food diabetics can have or what is too big of a portion size for a diabetic. That is why pre-made meals can be a great alternative for diabetics who need help with their food selection. They leave nothing for you to decide as they are already in the right form for consumption, without any work on your part.

One company called BistroMD is great for diabetics. They deliver prepared meals right to your home. The meals can be tailored to your specific health needs. For example, some diabetics are given certain calorie levels to meet each day. The food that you order from BistroMD can equate to that set calorie level so you do not have to do any calorie counting. Other diabetics are told to focus more on carbohydrate content. With this, too, BistroMD can tailor a plan for you.

If you are one of the many diabetics in this country and need help in selecting the proper foods to be eating, BistroMD is right for you.