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Diet Reviews: Which Diet Actually Works?

Research is important for everything in life. We want to give you the information you need to succeed with your diet today.

Diet Reviews: Which Diet Actually Works?

As the pace of life continues to speed up, our expectation is that any diet we attempt will also speed up to fit into the time frame that we allow. In most cases, people these days want to lose weight fast. However, quick weight loss isn’t always healthy weight loss. The following article will focus on several trending diets in an attempt to supply you with the most accurate description of the 2011 diets in review. Education is the first step to overcoming our expanding weight obstacle, and choosing the right diet to suit your individual weight loss needs is crucial.

HCG Diet

There are a variety of diets that feature the hormone HCG as the centerpiece of their weight loss strategy. HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone produced by a woman’s body during pregnancy. Proponents of this diet claim that the hormone makes stores of body fat which were previously unavailable for use by the body, available to be converted into energy. This is said to be the principle mechanism for the weight loss that HCG is said to produce.

The downside to the HCG diet is that it restricts daily calorie consumption to around 500 calories per day. There is much debate in the medical community about the actual cause of weight loss generated while on the diet, given that a 500 calorie per day diet is almost guaranteed to produce weight loss on its own. Adding to the downside, HCG has been studied extensively, but has not been approved by the FDA for weight loss treatment. In total, the HCG diet earns a spot at the bottom of our 2011 diets in review.

The “Big Boys” of Diet Delivery

If you watch TV on an even infrequent basis, you’ve likely seen the commercials that several national diet delivery companies have been running that feature former professional athletes and Hollywood stars. While these diets are offered by different companies, their product is essentially the same. Due to their similarity, for the purposes of this 2011 diets in review, a single review will suffice. Our take is that these “big boys” are in the business of generating revenue first, and helping people lose weight second.

As the largest suppliers of diet delivery meals in the country, these big companies are able to offer their customers a wide variety of meals and services. The cost of these meals is often lower than that of other smaller diet delivery companies. These benefits, however, do come at a cost.

Because the focus appears to be on making money, not necessarily helping customers lose weight, the quality of the meals these “big boys” offer is often rather poor. Powdered and freeze dried foods are common, and meals often have very little taste. Many customers also complain that the meals these companies offer are very small and unsatisfying. Because these concerns are at the heart of why many diets fail, for this 2011 diets in review the “big boys” earn a poor grade for quality and taste, and a passing grade for variety and convenience.

What Makes bistroMD Different?

As an industry leader in diet home delivery, it is not hard to imagine that bistroMD would score relatively high in our diets in review.

We take a more simple approach to weight loss, using balanced nutrition to accomplish what many other companies try, and fail, to deliver – real weight loss, in a healthy way!

BistroMD’s meals are designed by a team of registered dietitians who ensure they are nutritionally balanced with what your body needs in order to lose weight. The portions are generous, even to the point of customers not being able to finish their entire meal. Each meal is prepared by a team of chefs, and delivered to your front door.

For the extreme convenience that bistroMD offers its customers, and the weight loss results they have reported, we’ve earned one of the top spots in this 2011 diets in review.