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Diabetics Diet: Help is Out There!

Diabetics Diet by BistroMD was developed by Dr. Cederquist to help make planning and eating meals easy.

Diabetics Diet: Help is Out There!

Every day, thousands of people have the unfortunate experience of being diagnosed with diabetes. More troubling still, is that millions do not not know that they too have the debilitating disease. With each diagnosis, follows the scary process of trying to figure out what kind of foods a diabetic should eat. Gone are the days of eating anything you desire. Or are they? The transition to a diabetic lifestyle can be difficult, but it doesn't have to include uncertainty.

People who learn that they are Type II diabetics find the change in their diets especially hard. Most Type II diabetics have spent their lives, up until their diagnosis, eating unhealthy, sugary, fatty foods. While most understand that they cannot continue to eat this way, figuring out which foods are an acceptable part of their new diet can be extremely confusing.

One of the most important things for diabetics to consider in deciding what to include in their diet, is to limit their carbohydrate intake. This is especially true of simple carbohydrates, which are made up of simple sugars. These types of carbohydrates can have a big impact on a person's blood glucose level. Because diabetes causes one's body to poorly regulate the glucose levels in the blood, diabetics must learn to monitor their blood glucose in order to stay in good health.

In addition to limiting simple carbohydrates, diabetics should also remove many other types of sugars from their diets. An easy way to accomplish this is to switch to an artificial sweetener. Such sweeteners can be used as a substitute in: coffee, cereal, and baked goods to name just a few. This is one simple way for diabetics to watch their sugar intake.

Finally, diabetics should maintain a diet that is low in calories and fat. A meal consisting of a lean chicken breast with a side of vegetables, for example, would be a good meal for diabetics. A snack could be a piece of fruit or a cup of yogurt. Diabetics will find many similarities in their new diet to diets for people trying to lose weight.

If someone you know is a diabetic and is struggling with their diet, tell them to consider a program like BistroMD. We are a meal delivery program that provides complete meals that are designed to meet the needs of diabetics. BistroMD will tailor your meals to your individual dietary needs as a person living with diabetes. Not only do BistroMD customers enjoy delicious, diabetic-friendly, gourmet meals, as they continue with our meal plan, they learn about their dietary needs.  Our customers have access to a staff of highly trained nutritionists who are available to assist with any of their dietary concerns. If you are diabetic, there is no reason not to give BistroMD a try!