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Which is Healthier: Cookies or Ice Cream?

It's the food fight of Cookies vs. Ice Cream. Which dessert comes out on top?

Which is Healthier: Cookies or Ice Cream?

Dessert isn’t the enemy if you make friends with the label.

You’ve eaten healthily all day long. You get your vegetables, fruits, and good grains, too. Then you satisfy your sweet tooth and your whole diet is ruined. Unfortunately, this scenario is not unlikely or uncommon. Many people have no idea how much fat they’re getting in a single serving of ice cream or a cookie. Now no one is telling you to cut the sweets altogether. That would be crazy. But paying attention to what you’re stocking in your fridge or freezer could be the difference between fit and fat.

So what’s the better choice at dessert time—a cookie or ice cream? Well, it comes down to much more than warm treat vs. cold.

Cookies and ice cream are both delicious American novelties enjoyed by millions of people every day. Are these millions of people treating themselves to a little fat, too?

Well, it’s difficult to make a positive case for cookies. They are dense in fat and loaded with sugar, that’s what makes them taste so very delectable. And considering most people don’t stop at just one, cookies should be most often avoided. Plus, many cookies companies still have the nerve to serve trans fat (that’s the bad fat) in their treats. If you’re one of those people who craves a cookie and won’t settle for anything else, try keeping a box of Kashi’s TLC or Honeymaid Oatmeal Raisin around for emergencies.

Ice cream can be delicious and not too bad for you when chosen carefully. Skip anything with the words extra creamy and rich. And don’t fall for the word light. Some “light” ice cream treats have 14 grams of fat and 300 calories. Read the labels and don’t trust manufacturer’s terminology.

The ultimate good for you treat: Klondike Slim a Bear or Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches. They’re a cookie and ice cream combo with only 100 calories and 1.5 grams of fat! It’s a treat that won’t let you down or weigh you down.

When cookies and ice cream work together, everyone wins!