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Calories in Your Favorite Cocktail

How many calories are in your favorite cocktail and how to choose a healthier alternative.

Calories in Your Favorite Cocktail

A night out on the town can lead to good times, great stories, and, unfortunately, a few extra pounds. That’s because many of our favorite mixed drinks are loaded with sugar and calories. Would you keep returning to the drive-thru window and order a cheeseburger 5 times in one night? No way. Then it might be wise to stop ordering margaritas all night, considering the calorie content is comparable to a Big Mac.

Just by switching up your drink order, you could be dropping the pounds. Sugary, creamy, and syrupy drinks are causing many Americans to gain weight without them even knowing it. Unfortunately, the list of drinks you should avoid is quite mouthwatering. But there are plenty of tasty cocktails that aren’t served with a side of love handles.

Be sure to avoid White Russians, Pin~a Coladas, and anything else with a creamy or milk base. Each of these drinks contains between 400 and 600 calories a glass. Whatever you do, don’t order a Margarita or Long Island Ice Tea unless you are prepared to consume an extra 700 calories per drink. The sweet and sour mixes used to flavor your favorite tropical drink are heavy on the high-fructose corn syrup and sugar.

One unhealthy cocktail once a week isn’t going to completely ruin your diet. But if you’re not the type to stop at one, a healthier drink of choice could have you losing those extra pounds without having to change much else.

A Mojito is a delicious alternative to the above diet wreckers that still serves up a tropical feeling and a sweet taste. One Mojito has about 160 calories and 1/5th of the sugar found in a Pin~a Colada.

The classic Cosmopolitan has a light, fruity taste and only 150 calories.

Stay away from drinks involving mixes and syrups and opt for those that flavor with small amounts of fruit juice or tonic water. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a mixed drink or two, especially if you’re dancing the calories away with friends. Just choose your cocktail wisely and make Happy Hour a healthy hour.